Personal Finance News

84% of households cut back in an effort to reduce winter bills

Almost 23 million households (84 per cent) across the UK have taken steps to make their bills more affordable, according to new research from Santander. Highlighting a nation of ‘sofa-eskimos’, more than two thirds of Brits say they layer up at home with gloves, hats, scarfs and extra jumpers in an attempt to keep warm and […]

Low cost borrowing options to fund your home improvement projects

With the Easter break just around the corner it’s that time of year when many of us aim to get those eagerly anticipated home improvement jobs and DIY projects underway. Few of us are fortunate enough to have sufficient cash in the bank to pay for that kitchen makeover, revamp of the bathroom, or landscaping […]

Valentine’s day spending set to top £431 million

Brits are set to spend £431 million this Valentine’s Day as 41% of UK adults plan on celebrating with their loved ones according to new research from American Express. Contrary to popular belief, spending on the special day extends beyond the honeymoon period. Couples who have been together for four years will splash out the […]

1 in 3 Britons vulnerable to cyber-threats due to ‘personal passwords’

A third (30%) of UK adults have admitted to using something personal, such as their date of birth, maiden name or home address to create their password, much of which is easily accessible online. Almost half (44%) said they rarely or never change their online password – further increasing the risk. The findings also show […]

Supermarkets good value for money products too

The big supermarket brands have been successfully selling financial products for just shy of 20 years in the UK and the keen rates and discounted deals continue to make them a popular choice. With all the accounts and cards being sold online or by phone the overheads are less of a burden and that translates […]

Record growth for peer-to-peer lending in 2015

The peer-to-peer lending industry lent more than £2.2 billion in 2015 according to new figures released today from the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA). The sector has now lent £4.4 billion in total, doubling in size since the end of 2014. In the final quarter of 2015, P2PFA members provided just under £650 million in new […]