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Bacs Bill Tracker reveals 18% growth in household bill “basket” since 2007

Regular household bills are rising relentlessly despite inflation remaining flat, according to figures from Bacs Payment Schemes , the people behind Direct Debit in the UK. A “basket” of the most common household bills paid by Direct Debit – including energy, water, mortgages and rent, council tax, broadband and phone, TV licensing, and household insurances […]

Competitive rates are the deal breaker for consumers moving banks

As competition within the retail banking sector increases with the growth of challenger banks, Equifax research reveals that receiving the best rates is by far the biggest incentive for consumers looking to switch banks. In an online survey conducted by YouGov, 42% of people cited better deals and rates as a reason they would switch […]

Claims that 100,000 parents currently ‘fronting’ their children’s motor insurance

A new report from The Co-operative Insurance claims that around one hundred thousand parents are currently ‘fronting’ motor insurance for their children One in ten of parents of young drivers in the UK currently aged 17-25 have admitted to fronting their son’s and daughter’s motor insurance policy at some point, for an average time of two years. […]

What would a 1% interest rate hike mean for your wallet?

There have been increasing rumblings that we may see interest rates rise before the year is out whilst others are pointing to early 2016, either way it’ll be the first upward move in interest rates since July 2007. The increases are likely to be in small steps of 0.25% every few months but whether you […]

Yorkshire Building Society offers financial planning via video link

Reviewing and planning your financial future with a financial adviser is time well spent if you’re looking to get the most out of your money and to be able to look forward to a comfortable retirement. For many people the biggest obstacle is a lack of time during the working day, so heading into town […]

How to get details of your credit score for free

It’s been well documented that households with a poor credit rating can pay hundreds of pounds more per year for finance and utilities payments than consumers with healthy credit scores. Specialist credit card provider Aqua showed last year that families with a lower credit score typically can only access a month by month broadband contract […]