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Five tips to help combat the stress of finances

By Emma Huntington, Managing Director of Zurich FutureYou Keep on track by getting organised With so many bills to pay each month, it can be stressful keeping up with how much is coming in and out of your account. You can keep up-to-date by creating a spreadsheet. Having a document that lists everything in one […]

One in four card payments now contactless

A quarter of all card transactions are now made via contactless, new figures from The UK Cards Association show. 325 million purchases were made using contactless debit and credit cards in November 2016, accounting for 25 per cent of all card payments in the month. The rise in contactless payments led to a record £2.9 […]

Brits underestimating potential pay rise from remortgaging

The remortgaging rush is expected to continue in 2017, with almost a third (31%) of eligible homeowners planning to cash in on low interest rates. One in four of those plan to act now and remortgage in January. The potential savings they could be making, however, are being underestimated by nearly half, according to a […]

Savers plan to put away more than £2,500 each this year

Forty per cent of UK savers have said they each plan to put aside more than £2,500 in 2017, research carried out by Charter Savings Bank has discovered. The research found that those planning to put money away hope to save an average of £228 every month, a total of £2,736 over the course of […]

Holidaymakers still planning to get away on holiday despite fall in sterling

Nearly 34 million people in Britain (66% of adults) are planning overseas holiday escapes during 2017, according to new findings from Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance & Travel Money. The figures are almost identical to last year (67%), revealing a resilience in the overseas holiday market despite a significant fall in the value of sterling against the US […]

Average UK adult now managing over 30 personal finance related contracts and accounts

New research from Money has found that, on average, people now manage over 30 accounts across all aspects of their lives, from online banking and shopping, to gym memberships and subscriptions for home entertainment.  And almost a third of us are stressed out by trying to keep track of them all. The survey of […]