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Consumers wasted £900m on unwanted presents last Christmas

According to new findings by RateSetter UK consumers wasted a staggering £900m on unwanted Christmas gifts last year. Research from the fastest growing P2P lender revealed that almost half of people receive at least one unwanted gift every year. Four out of ten per cent of people have given an unwanted present to charity whilst […]

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Rise in the number of Grandparents providing free childcare

The number of grandparents providing childcare has soared by nearly 50 per cent since 2009. The figures are included in a report from RIAS which claims that more than 9 million regularly look after their grandchildren in some capacity. Two thirds of grandparents now take care of their grandchildren for an average of 9 hours a […]

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One in four over-55s expect to never fully retire

According to new research from Key Retirement Solutions, over a quarter of UK workers aged 55 or over feel they will never be in a position to give up working completely for fear of not having sufficient money to live on. In a survey of more than 3,000 UK adults, one in four of those […]

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Government increases personal allowance for tax free earnings

The Chancellor announced in his Autumn Statement that the amount of money you are allowed to earn without paying tax is to be increased to £10,600 in April, £600 more than the current level. George Osborne said that he hoped to be in a position to increase the limit further, aiming for a figure of […]

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Chancellor reveals new Stamp Duty charging structure

The government has announced that it is to do away with the much criticized ‘single slab’ approach to stamp duty on residential property purchases. In his Autumn Statement message George Osborne announced that he would be introducing a new tiered charge from 4th December and claimed that “As a result stamp duty will be cut […]

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51% of people unaware of partner’s debts

A new survey claims that over half of people in a relationship don’t know about their partner’s loans, overdrafts or credit card borrowing. In the worst cases, Experian says that some 6% admit to splitting up because of arguments about finances. The findings also reveal that relationship breakdowns caused by financial worries are most common […]

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How will you finance your 2014 Christmas spend?

With less than four weeks until Christmas, if you’re thinking of taking out a new credit card to help ease the festive financial burden, you’ll need to get your skates on. We’re not advocating that you should go on a shopping binge and then worry about paying for it later, but if as for many […]

Regulator concerned that credit card deals are too complex

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is to take a closer look at the credit card market as it feels that it isn’t working in the best interests of all customers. More than 30 million people in the UK have a credit card but the regulator is worried that products are too complicated and that there’s […]

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Cyber-attacks becoming a growing problem for smartphone users

According to a new report from Experian Cyber phishing emails and other forms of cyber-attack are becoming more prevalent as people rely more on the latest smartphones. The real worry is that many consumers are vulnerable to internet criminals with 60% of smartphone users and almost half of tablet users admit to not having any […]

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More customers turning to online banking

A new report shows that an extra four million adults are interested in carrying out their banking online for the first time Statistics released this week by the Payments Council found 70% of people who could use online banking to run their main account already do so, while a further one in ten would be […]

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