Best Credit Repair Card Provider





Why Aqua was selected as the Best Credit Repair Card Provider in the 2014 Moneynet Personal Finance Awards

Aqua is one of only a handful of credit card providers that gives consumers with an impaired credit rating a genuine second chance to get their credit status back on track.

Andrew Hagger Independent Personal Finance commentator and member of the Moneynet Awards judging panel said: “Many people have suffered a decline in their credit status, often through no direct fault of their own and Aqua gives them a real opportunity to put things right”

“Aqua actively encourages customers to improve their credit standing through text alerts to ensure payments are made on time through to the promise of lower interest rates (Advance Card) if the account is operated satisfactorily”

Hagger added:” Another big helping hand for Aqua customers is that they have free access to their credit record and can monitor their credit score month by month to monitor the improvements they are making”









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