Why Yorkshire Building Society was selected as the Best Offset Mortgage Provider in the 2014 Moneynet Personal Finance Awards

3 key reasons why Yorkshire Building Society came out top in this category:

  1. Wide range of offset mortgage products to choose from
  2. Very competitive interest rates
  3. Option to link family and friends’ savings with Offset Plus

The option to be able to use your savings balance(s) to offset your mortgage interest is even more attractive in times like these when savings rates are at rock bottom.

Unfortunately for consumers unlike Yorkshire Building Society many mortgage lenders don’t offer their customers this option and so they are missing out.

Andrew Hagger Independent Personal Finance commentator and member of the Moneynet Awards judging panel said:

“Yorkshire Building Society is one of the major players in the Offset Mortgage market and is unique in that it offers an ‘offset’ version of all products from its standard mortgage range.”

“The pricing of these mortgages is ultra-competitive and Yorkshire Building Society has rarely been out of the best buy tables for offset mortgages during the last 12 months.”

“Another key benefit is that offsetting gives you flexibility, in that you always retain access to your entire savings balance with Yorkshire Building Society in case you need to dip into it at a later date.”

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