Personal Finance News

20 Feb

Shoppers happy to pay more to cut back on plastic

New research from Charter Savings Bank shows shoppers are increasingly happy to pay more to cut back on plastic and boost sales of sustainable products. Its nationwide study found customers are willing to pay 9% more on their weekly shop – equivalent to an extra £5.50 on the average household bill of £60.602 – to […]

18 Feb

1 in 3 students dice with debt to pay rent

A third of undergraduates are using loans, overdrafts and credit cards to pay rent at university, the National Student Accommodation Survey 2020 has found. Some are even taking out payday loans to pay their landlords. The annual research by money advice site Save the Student polled 2,168 students, and reveals widespread borrowing among undergrads. Although 36% turn […]

10 Feb

Almost a third of adults aged 50 and over aren’t putting money into savings accounts

Adults aged 50 and over are aspiring to save £80,000 for their loved ones, yet a fifth (22%) don’t currently save and a further tenth (8%) don’t even have a savings account, according to a new Co-op Insurance study conducted among 2000 UK adults aged 50 and over. Of those adults aged 50 and over who […]

5 Feb

£3.8 billion lost in energy bills, warn finance experts

Finance experts TotallyMoney have warned that 27 million UK households are potentially missing out on substantial £300 savings due to price hikes and widespread misconceptions. Research reveals: £300 a year could be saved on average in UK households by switching energy tariff This equates to customers overpaying by £3.8 billion due to not switching energy tariff or supplier 82% of the […]

4 Feb

‘Conline’ insurance scams- 10 seconds to find a ghost broker

Direct Line Car Insurance is warning consumers not to be scammed into buying worthless fake car insurance policies, after new analysis1 reveals it takes just ten seconds to find an insurance scammer, known as a ghost broker, on social media fraudulently claiming to sell fully comprehensive car insurance from companies such as Admiral, Hastings Direct, AVIVA […]

3 Feb

Landlords inject £3.6 bn into the local economy

Aldermore’s new buy to let research, surveying 1,000 UK-based landlords, highlights the important contribution landlords make to their local economy with eight in ten turning to a local tradesperson when their property requires work or renovation. Landlords spent on average £1,443 in the last 12 months on services such as plumbers, builders, letting agents and […]

28 Jan

Is it time to reassess your financial situation?

The reality of adult life is having to take more responsibility for the state of our finances. Long gone are the days of receiving a little pocket money from mum and dad for doing the chores; instead, we’re faced with the big bad world of credit scores, loans, mortgages, bills and much more. Unfortunately, these […]

22 Jan

DIY: The Home Renovations That Don’t Need Planning Permission

Trying to figure out which projects you can do without planning permission can be a bit of a minefield, but don’t panic. As a rule of thumb, most structural changes are subject to building regulations, but some ‘bigger’ renovation projects can be done without planning permission if you adhere to the set size regulations. Whether […]

21 Jan

Extortionate minimum repayment trap leaves borrowers thousands out of pocket, warn credit experts

Research from credit experts TotallyMoney and MoneyComms reveals how just making minimum repayments on credit card balances costs customers thousands in interest and takes over two decades to clear. Only making the minimum repayment each month will take over 26 years to clear a credit card balance Customers expected to lose a staggering £3,775 due to interest Fixing monthly repayments to the first […]