Personal Finance News

9 Aug

Covid crisis sees younger consumers deliberately saving more

New research from Caxton, the travel money specialists, reveals how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people are managing their finances. In a survey response from almost 16,000 cardholders, the key findings were as follows: 39% of people say they are deliberately saving more. 59% of those aged 18-25 say they are deliberately saving […]

4 Aug

Finance experts reveal how to get invaluable purchase protection amid coronavirus crisis

Finance experts TotallyMoney are advising people that if they need to make large purchases, they should do so with their credit card, to protect their finances during the coronavirus crisis. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act makes both credit card lenders and retailers responsible for when a service or product between £100 and £30,000 isn’t delivered Retailers […]

28 Jul

High street shoppers budget £9.3 billion for post lockdown treats

Brits are planning to spend an average £195 each on the high street on life-after-lockdown treats – equating to £9.3 billion1 across the UK – according to new research from American Express. Shoppers are hitting their local high street to treat themselves to meals and drinks out, along with some new items for their wardrobe. The […]

23 Jul

Fifth of over 50’s retirement plans impacted by COVID-19

Almost a fifth (18%) of people aged 50 and over say that the COVID-19 pandemic has already or may impact their retirement plans, according to a new study from Co-op Insurance. Of these, a quarter (25%) said they’ve not been able to retire due to their finances, a fifth have had to use some of their […]

16 Jul

Paragon Bank urges savers to make the most of tax-free savings as ISA openings fall

Paragon Bank has urged savers to ensure they are making the most of tax-free savings as figures show that the number of ISA openings has halved this year. According to data analysed by Paragon, British savers opened a total of 932,000 new ISAs between February and May 2019. During the same period in 2020, only […]

15 Jul

Three out of five renters risk living without contents insurance

Fewer than two fiths (39%) of adults living in rental accommodation have home contents cover compared to four out of five (83%) homeowners. Renters value their home contents at around £30,000 on average. Only one in five (20%) people aged under 25 have cover in place, whereas the vast majority of those aged 55+ have […]

7 Jul

Stand-in driving instructors risk breaking the law trying to help lockdown learners

As lockdown measures continue to ease, new drivers in England can now start taking driving lessons and theory tests again (from 4th July) and practical tests from 22 July. However, with only key workers able to take driving lessons and tests since 17 March and the DVLA only starting to take applications for provisional licences […]

1 Jul

MOT extension warning: Drivers warned to ensure their car is safe to drive as research reveals 9.3m cars need repair

As lockdown restrictions continue to be relaxed and people can use their cars more freely, GoCompare Car Insurance is warning drivers to make sure their vehicles are safe to drive and in a roadworthy condition. The warning comes as research, commissioned after MOT certificates were automatically extended due to the coronavirus pandemic, reveals that 9.3million cars require […]

26 Jun

Caxton launches ‘Travel Tracker’ for Brits interested in holidaying abroad later this year

Following the latest easing of the lock down by the government, Caxton has started to see an uptick in new card applications and customer queries re foreign travel options, as more people start thinking about the possibility of a summer holiday abroad later this year. On the back of increased customer questions regarding the best […]