Personal Finance News

6 Apr

Over 70% of UK self-employed think they will still struggle despite the Government’s Covid-19 support

Coconut, the smart bookkeeping app for self-employed people, with more than 23,000 customers, is rallying the entrepreneurial community to urge the Government to address major grant issues for millions of self-employed people in the UK ( Firstly, to urgently reconsider including 2019/20 tax returns and secondly, to issue much faster payments for those that are […]

29 Mar

4 out of 5 consumers causing credit score harm due to credit card confusion

The results of TotallyMoney’s Financial Awareness Survey 2020 reveals that myths surrounding interest payments, credit limits and how often you need to use your card are clouding the judgement of UK consumers. One shocking statistic shows that over half of UK adults (54%) didn’t know that paying off an outstanding balance in full each month may be […]

24 Mar

Working from home or self-isolating? Here’s how you can keep your energy bills in check

With as much as 60% of the UK workforce now potentially working from home in a response to the global pandemic, data experts at home energy saving assistant Loop has shared simple steps to help reduce energy usage and make sure your home is as efficient as possible to avoid unwelcome bill increases. Beware the Phantom Load […]

16 Mar

Half of over-65 homeowners have never checked their State Benefits entitlement

New research from advisory firm HUB Financial Solutions reveals that half of homeowners over the age of 65 have never checked whether they are entitled to State Benefits in addition to their State Pension. The survey of more than 1,000 people found that 48% of homeowners had never checked if they could be entitled to […]

9 Mar

Only 54% of travellers have travel insurance in place when they book their holiday

The latest research from Caxton, the international payments and foreign exchange firm, reveals that only just over half (54%) of UK holidaymakers have travel insurance in place at the time of booking their trip. Caxton found that 32% per cent of those surveyed admitted they didn’t purchase travel cover until between 2 months and one week […]

2 Mar

Young drivers spend on average £6,071 getting on the road

A new report out today from GoCompare Car Insurance has revealed that the cost of getting a young driver on the road has fallen to £6,071.00. The combined cost of a new young motorist learning to drive, buying, taxing and then insuring their first car has fallen by £775.00 in the last year from £6,846.00 to £6,071.00. […]

20 Feb

Shoppers happy to pay more to cut back on plastic

New research from Charter Savings Bank shows shoppers are increasingly happy to pay more to cut back on plastic and boost sales of sustainable products. Its nationwide study found customers are willing to pay 9% more on their weekly shop – equivalent to an extra £5.50 on the average household bill of £60.602 – to […]

18 Feb

1 in 3 students dice with debt to pay rent

A third of undergraduates are using loans, overdrafts and credit cards to pay rent at university, the National Student Accommodation Survey 2020 has found. Some are even taking out payday loans to pay their landlords. The annual research by money advice site Save the Student polled 2,168 students, and reveals widespread borrowing among undergrads. Although 36% turn […]

10 Feb

Almost a third of adults aged 50 and over aren’t putting money into savings accounts

Adults aged 50 and over are aspiring to save £80,000 for their loved ones, yet a fifth (22%) don’t currently save and a further tenth (8%) don’t even have a savings account, according to a new Co-op Insurance study conducted among 2000 UK adults aged 50 and over. Of those adults aged 50 and over who […]