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19 Dec

Brits Christmas shopping on unfamiliar websites fall victim to fraud

In a bid to find the perfect Christmas present, a quarter of Brits have been victims of fraud when shopping online on websites or online marketplaces they wouldn’t normally use. Whether it’s searching for the next ‘it’ toy, rare sport memorabilia or unusual item of jewellery, people are losing money to fraudsters. Shoppers have lost […]

16 Dec

The average household now has £38,000 worth of possessions

16 Dec 2019 The average household now has £38,000 worth of belongings; an increase of almost £3,000 in the last four years, according to analysis from home insurance provider, buzzvault. Total physical wealth – the value of household contents, possessions and valuables owned – for all households in Great Britain has rocketed to £1.3 trillion, up £185 […]

11 Dec

7 in 10 Brits making big cutbacks this Xmas

10 Dec 2019 Seven in ten Brits say they plan to make big cutbacks this Christmas in order to save money, according to new research from AA Financial Services. Overall, three quarters of women are putting plans in place to spend less, whereas only 66% of men have a Christmas budgeting strategy. With the major […]

4 Dec

NatWest to pilot the UK’s first biometric payment fob

04 Dec 2019 The first biometric fingerprint payment fob issued by a UK bank begins a three-month national trial today (4 December 2019). NatWest is piloting the cutting-edge, biometric fingerprint technology with 250 customers. The bank has previously piloted biometric cards, but this will be the first-time payments have been made possible over £30 without […]

3 Dec

Energy suppliers charging vulnerable customers up to £93 a year to pay by cash or cheque

03 Dec 2019 Research from auto-switching energy service, Migrate found that energy suppliers are charging customers an average of £87 a year to pay on receipt of a quarterly bill rather than pay monthly via direct debit. The largest difference between payment options comes from Utility Warehouse, who charge customers £93 a year to pay on receipt […]

26 Nov

Paragon Bank launches Lifetime ISA

26 Nov 2018 Paragon Bank has introduced new competition to the Lifetime ISA market, launching a Cash Lifetime ISA (LISA). The Lifetime ISA currently pays 1.15% and can be opened between the ages of 18 and 39, allowing customers to save up to £4,000 a year tax-free and receive a 25% government bonus until they […]

25 Nov

Best way to protect purchases ahead of expected £7 billion Spend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

25 Nov 2019 Credit experts TotallyMoney reveal their top 10 tips for customers to keep their purchases protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act ahead of the season’s busiest shopping period. The experts say: Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act protects credit card purchases from £100 to £30,000 Section 75 gives people extra protection […]

19 Nov

27% drop in interest-free months for credit card spending leaves festive shoppers out in the cold

19 Nov 2019 In October 2018 there was a total of 17 credit cards offering interest-free periods lasting more than 20 months. The top 10 leading cards avoided adding interest for at least 26 months (Clydesdale Bank), while the best deal delivered 30 months (Santander). A year later only five credit card companies offer shoppers […]

18 Nov

Why making a will may be the most important decision you ever make

18 Nov 2019 Money remains one of the UK’s least favourite topics of conversation, it’s unsurprising then that research has found that 54% of UK adults don’t have an appropriate will; either they’ve never had one or their current will is out of date.  For many people, thinking about what will happen once you’ve passed […]