Personal Finance News

9 Feb

HSBC re launches its £125 current account switching offer

HSBC UK is offering £125 in cash to those switching to its Advance or Premier current accounts, the bank announced today. By utilising this and the bank’s other benefits, customers could easily be hundreds of pounds better off. A cash offer of £125 to new customers who switch to an Advance or Premier current account, […]

3 Feb

£565 million lost every year when customers automatically renew car insurance

Finance experts TotallyMoney warn that customers could be offered a worse deal if they stay with their current car insurance provider than if they were to renew with a new provider: £565m is lost every year due to customers being loyal to current car insurance provider 14 million customers are paying on average an extra £40 by renewing […]

29 Jan

Topping up emergency fund and travelling abroad are top priorities for savers in 2021

A survey by Paragon Bank found that topping up ‘rainy day’ funds and booking a holiday are two leading financial priorities for savers this year. In a survey of more than 2,600 customers, Paragon Bank asked savers about their long-term plans for any money saved during the pandemic. The research showed that 29% of savers […]

25 Jan

Homeworkers in sheds and outbuildings urged to protect their possesions

As millions of UK residents continue to work from home, Aviva is urging people to take extra care of their possessions when using summerhouses, outbuildings or sheds as workspaces. ONS data suggests around 13 million UK people became home-workers last year as a result of the pandemic(1) and sales of sheds and summerhouses have been rising […]

12 Jan

Customers throwing away £676 by not transferring credit card balances

Research by finance experts, TotallyMoney shows that Brits paying interest on their credit card debt are wasting hundreds of pounds by not switching to a better deal. Customers can save a massive £676 in interest by transferring the average credit card balance of £2,177 to a 0% balance transfer card of 21 months A huge 54% of […]

12 Jan

Rooster Money Index shows that children received £321 pocket money in 2020

RoosterMoney, the pocket money app, reveals that kids received an impressive £321 pocket money (£6.18 a week) last year, and encouragingly they saved 37% of it. This is in line with adult saving rates also reaching record levels of 28.1% during the Covid-19 pandemic.* Video games Roblox & Fortnite also dominated the spending charts as […]

5 Jan

New Year Insurance Offers from M&S Bank

M&S Bank has today launched new offers across a range of its insurance products – offering up to £150 in M&S vouchers – when customers take out a new Pet, Home and Motor Insurance policy. Customers purchasing a new Premier M&S Pet Insurance policy will receive £50 of M&S vouchers, while customers taking out a […]

28 Dec

Metro Bank research reveals that people are looking to take greater control of their finances in 2021

New research from Metro Bank, conducted by YouGov, has revealed the extent to which people are getting set to take control of their finances in 2021. When asked about managing their money better in 2021 compared with 2020, more than one in two Brits (54%) agreed they are determined to start doing so – rising […]

21 Dec

A quarter of brits worry their belongings may get stolen this Christmas

New research from Metro Bank, conducted by YouGov, has revealed the extent to which people worry about their personal belongings. As Christmas is fast approaching and police warn the public not to put their presents out for others to see, it’s no surprise that a quarter of British adults that say they have a prized […]