Brits to make up for lost time with plans to spend over £23 billion this summer

26 Apr, 2021

 It’s the moment that we have been waiting for, restrictions are starting to ease and with warmer months in sight, new research from American Express reveals that Brits are planning a summer of fun.

From the much anticipated reopening of pubs and restaurants, to staycations, beauty and fashion, many Brits across the UK are set to open their purse strings to the tune of over £23 billion over the next six months as we look ahead with optimism to the rest of 2021.

Post-Lockdown Activity Average planned spend per person over the next six months Total planned spend over next six months
Pubs, Bars, Restaurants £163 £6 billion
Staycations £353 £9.8 billion
Wardrobe Makeovers £117 £4.1 billion
Beauty Treatments £94 £3.1 billion

The Social Spend

With pubs, restaurants and bars now open in England, and with Wales and Scotland set to do the same in April, research revealed that seven in 10 are planning on dining and drinking out, spending an average of £163 each over the next six months.

Over a third of Brits (39%) stated eating and drinking out is what they’re most looking forward to when lockdown restrictions ease, with many people also wanting to prioritise spending on shared experiences with family (54%) and friends (43%).

In addition to eating out with their nearest and dearest, one in seven are also planning to host their friends and family more than they did before the start of the lockdown. In preparation, respondents admitted to having spent an average of £37 per person on outdoor accessories.

The Great Lockdown Escape 

Research showed that over a quarter (28%) of Brits have already booked a staycation, and a further 53% are planning on booking one, spending an average of £353 per person, equating to £8.7 billion across the UK as a whole.

Top staycation destinations this summer:

Destination % of people that are planning a staycation there
1 Wales 12%
2 Lake District 12%
3 Cornwall 11%
4 Scottish Highlands 9%

The Post-Lockdown Look Reveal

To celebrate the easing of lockdown, over a third of those surveyed (37%) admitted to wanting to look their best for any social get togethers. As plans unfold, 18-34 year olds revealed that they have already spent an average of £73 on their post lockdown wardrobe compared to the national average of £37 per person.

However, it’s not just the younger generations who are out to impress, as 40% of 55+ are looking forward to getting back to the hairdressers and beauty salons compared to only 18% of those aged 18-34.

Stephen Steinhardt, Marketing Director at American Express, said: “As more lockdown restrictions ease this week, our research reveals there is a renewed sense of optimism in the air with Brits planning to treat themselves on dining out, upgrading their post-lockdown wardrobe and holidaying in the UK. As Brits look to return to some semblance of normality this summer, using a card that offers rewards or cashback as they spend on the things they’ve missed out on during the pandemic can make their spending work harder for them and earn something back.”