Brits spend almost £900 to escape on holiday this winter

16 Jan, 2018

16 Jan 2018 More than a third (37%) of Brits will go abroad to seek out the sun this winter, according to new research from Halifax, spending an average of £840 per person.

38% of Brits surveyed admit that the cold weather brings out a bad mood, with this figure rising to 42% for women, compared to 34% for men. By contrast, 70% say that warmer weather puts a spring in their step, encouraging the desire for a winter holiday.

In comparison, while 37% intend to catch the rays, just 11% take a winter holiday in order to enjoy winter sports, while 32% travel to see family and friends, and 31% are motivated by the opportunity to enjoy other cultures during the winter months.

A third of those surveyed (35%) have taken a winter break in the past year, with the average cost coming in at £840 per person. This rises to £969 for the over 55s, while 18-34s are the savvy sun-seekers, spending an average of £754.

Jon Roberts, Managing Director of Credit Cards for Halifax, said: “When the dark nights draw in and the cold weather is upon us it’s hard not to think of an escape to the winter sun. For those who do choose to travel, it’s important to consider not just the cost of the holiday itself, but how you will finance expenses while you’re away. With the Halifax Clarity card, there is no fee for spending abroad in the local currency, meaning cardholders don’t need to worry about carrying their holiday cash around.”

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