Co-operative Insurance warns of 38% spike in home thefts when clocks go back

20 Oct, 2015

Figures from The Co-operative Insurance have shown a huge spike in home and motor claims when the clocks change and daylight saving time ends.

After reviewing claims data since 2013, The Co-operative Insurance can reveal that home theft claims increase by 38% in the five months after the clocks go back – this year scheduled to be on 25 October.

Thefts are most prevalent in the winter months on a Friday.

With winter nights often making it easier for burglars to hide under the cover of darkness and unoccupied houses easier to spot as they may not have lights on theft claims increase.

According to the data, home thefts between November and March are more likely to be via forced and violent entry than in the summer months. In comparison thefts which are more opportunistic or deceptive, and are non-forcible are more prevalent in summer than winter months.

The Co-operative Insurance’s top tips to protect your home from burglary

  1. Leave a light on when you are out or invest in a light timer
  2. Install exterior security lights at the front and back of your property
  3. If possible, invest in a CCTV system
  4. Don’t post your location on social media sites
  5. Ensure doors and windows are locked
  6. Set your burglar alarm
  7. Ensure outbuildings/sheds are secured
  8. Don’t leave valuables on display
  9. Never leave car keys within easy reach of a letterbox
  10. Don’t leave ladders outside your home

A spokesman for The Co-operative Insurance said: “Darker nights unfortunately lead to an increase in home burglaries, so when the clocks change this coming weekend we are urging people to be more vigilant when it comes to home security.

“Nobody should have to go through the trauma of having their property burgled. Whilst in a lot of cases it is simply a case of bad luck, there are things that homeowners can do to deter thieves such as ensuring lights are left on when no one is at home and installing CCTV cameras, or at least dummy ones, to make burglars think twice.”