Cyber-attacks becoming a growing problem for smartphone users

26 Nov, 2014

According to a new report from Experian Cyber phishing emails and other forms of cyber-attack are becoming more prevalent as people rely more on the latest smartphones.

The real worry is that many consumers are vulnerable to internet criminals with 60% of smartphone users and almost half of tablet users admit to not having any malware protection installed on their devices.

This is much less of a problem on home PC’s with nine out of ten people using security or anti-virus software installed on their computer.

When asked why they haven’t installed protection software on their phone or tablet, 12% said it was because they thought they were automatically provided with protection, 8% said they thought fraud protection is too expensive, while a third said they weren’t aware that they needed it.

A spokesman for Experian, said: “This year has proved a tipping point for smartphones and tablets. The rapid rise in demand for online banking and retail combined with very little security on devices has created a massive opportunity for cyber criminals leaving many people and businesses extremely vulnerable.

“There are approximately five billion connected devices globally, serving a billion online bank accounts and contributing $13 trillion to global ecommerce sales and transactions. With so much at stake, the opportunities for fraudsters are countless and we need to do more to protect ourselves.”