Disorganised Brits risk blowing a big hole in their summer holiday spending budget before they even leave the UK

13 Aug, 2019

13 Aug 2019 Latest research from Caxton FX, the international currency and payments specialist, shows that a family of four could easily blow around £390 of their holiday budget before leaving the UK simply by not planning ahead.

·         Sorting your currency card, a week or two in advance, and NOT buying currency at the airport – save £215.78

·         Not booking car parking online and paying on the day – save £139

·         Bringing your own food and drink instead of buying at the airport or motorway services – save £20.77

·         Topping up with petrol at the local supermarket rather than using motorway service station – save £12.00.

·         Total saving £387.55

Some summer travellers are needlessly shelling out a huge chunk from their summer holiday budget before they even set foot in their resort.

A lack of basic planning ahead and slipping into ‘holiday mode’ too early can eat into money set aside to pay for meals out, excursions, sangria, poolside beers and sunbeds – the things your holiday spend is really meant for.

Alana Parsons, Travel Money Expert at Caxton FX said: “many of us are travel savvy when it comes to getting a good deal on our holiday accommodation and flights.”

“However, because we live such busy lives with long working hours and family pressures, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball on the finer holiday details nearer departure”

The family holiday is a big deal and something you look forward to for months – so you don’t want to be putting a big dent in your spending kitty before you’ve even left the UK.

Alana’s 5 top pre-holiday tips are:

1.      Sort your currency out a couple of weeks before you travel – lock in the rate with a prepaid currency card instead of being stung by horror exchange rates at the airport.

2.      Pre book your car parking – those claims that you can save up to 60% compared with paying on the day are true.

3.      Always make sure you have travel insurance in place when you book your holiday just in case something crops up and you need to cancel your trip.

4.      Don’t waste money on expensive airport food and drinks or at rip off service stations – pack your own and you can easily save two thirds of the cost.

5.      Make sure the petrol tank is topped up before you set off – don’t risk running on fumes and having to pay through the nose at motorway services.

Alana added, “We’re not being party poopers and saying don’t relax and have a great holiday but it’s about spending your Euros or Dollars on the holiday niceties rather than the mundane expenses you can easily avoid before you set foot on the plane”.