Don’t underestimate the importance of company culture for businesses in the post covid era

29 Mar, 2021

Companies today need high-quality administration and a strong sense of culture to keep up with the developments and changes taking place in the business world due to the interruption of Covid-19. Company culture is at the forefront of a happy business, but what does it mean?

What is company culture?

Simply put, company culture is the shared attitudes, values and goals that are put into practice by an organisation. Another way to look at it is to see company culture as the company’s overall personality and what key attributes make it different from other companies out there.

Company culture will affect every aspect of daily business operation and impacts on how other’s inside and outside of the workplace perceive you, how effective the business relations are from team to team and how your employees feel about you as a whole.

For example, some businesses may decide to include their staff retention rates or employee perks as part of their company culture and this will help shape the image that their staff and potential employees might have of the business.

What are the benefits?

Having a good company culture will help to encourage ideal applicants to work for you. If your company sounds like a positive, enjoyable place to work with a high retention rate and great employee perks then you’ll be able to choose from a wider pool of candidates when hiring as more people will want to work for your business.

It also stimulates your staff to work better and more efficiently. Staff who feel valued and know that they will be able to benefit from perks for doing a good job will be more likely to enjoy their time at work and want to work harder to succeed.

With happy staff comes happy customers, the more positive your staff are at work will reflect onto customers and make their experience a whole lot better. For example, a cashier who is always excited to get to work, is productive and is always going the extra mile will entice more customers and positive customer feedback than one who is always slacking off, late to work and acts like they don’t really want to be there.

Then of course, with more customers comes more profit and a higher business success rate. As the demand for your business grows, so will the need for employees and therefore your business will start to expand, too.

How do I make the most of it?

Communication is key. By communicating with your employees at every level of the business, you’ll be able to understand what is required for them to do a good job. You might find out that some of your employees would benefit from regular training sessions, constructive feedback or even office perks like a fortnightly early finish or free lunch.

By communicating with your team, you’ll be able to come to an agreement and set up a number of perks and benefits that will encourage your staff to work harder and reach their targets, as well as speaking about the business in a positive light, in work and outside of work.

Make sure you have the right resources to help your business in every aspect. By bringing onboard specialists whose aim is to make your business more successful, you’ll be able to see the company from a different perspective and detach yourself from any preconceived ideas you had. This allows you to make unbiased developments which will be better for your staff, thus boosting your company culture, and the business as a whole.