Four out of 10 UK holidaymakers have had possessions go missing on holiday

10 Jul, 2017

Four out of 10 UK holidaymakers have lost, or had stolen, an item of value while on holiday, a study from Aviva insurance reveals.
A survey of 2,000 UK adults who have taken a break in the last two years found that 18% had lost an important personal possession while on holiday, while 17% had had something stolen. An unlucky 3% of holidaymakers had experienced both mishaps during their travels.

The average value of items lost or stolen on holiday in this study was £249, although one in five (19%) respondents who had seen possessions disappear said their item was worth more than £300.

Half of holidaymakers (50%) who had experienced losing items or having possessions stolen on holiday said they had claimed on home or travel insurance to help recoup their losses. However, 41% said they didn’t make a claim and one in 10 (9%) said they didn’t have insurance.

Simon Warsop, Chief Underwriting Office, Aviva General Insurance says: “Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy life away from home, but unfortunately this doesn’t mean people can let their guard down completely. Losing a possession or having one stolen can really spoil a trip, particularly if the item is costly or has particular sentimental value – and it can be quite the holiday headache if important documents such as tickets or passports go missing.

“Prevention is the key, so it really pays for people to be aware of their surroundings, keep an eye on their possessions and leave valuable items in a secure place such as a safe whenever possible. It’s also a great idea to have suitable cover in place, such as baggage cover within travel insurance or personal belongings as part of home contents cover. It’s better to be safe than sorry, but insurance can help to cover the cost and put matters right if items do go missing.”


Aviva hints and tips for holidaymakers

  1. Keep your wallet, purse or phone in a zipped-up pocket – not in the back pocket of your trousers.
  2. Use a safe. Many hotels and apartments have them, so keep your valuables and important documents locked away when you don’t need them.
  3. Use a handbag with a strap that goes across your body and over the shoulder – muggers can quickly snatch a shoulder bag.
  4. Put purchases in a back pack when shopping on holiday – it’s easy to put down shopping bags and forget to pick them up.
  5. Put your camera on a strap around your neck.
  6. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and share it out so it’s not in one place.
  7. Don’t take valuables to the beach and only take enough cash for the day. When going for a dip in the sea, tie or clip your bag to something like a sun lounger and put a padlock on the zip.
  8. If you hire a car, keep your belongings locked in the boot.
  9. If you do experience a theft, report it to the local police – don’t wait until you get home. You should also let your insurance company know as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours.
  10. Only leave luggage with the hotel if it is kept in locked luggage storage. Unlocked luggage rooms are vulnerable to anyone walking it and helping themselves.