Guests spend more than £600 per wedding

12 Apr, 2016

Brits will need to tighten their belts ready for this wedding season, with new research from Policy Expert suggesting guests will be shelling out over £600 for each wedding they attend.

The average UK wedding guest will be totting up a total spend of £644 on gifts, food, new clothes, accommodation and stag and hen dos. More than a third (35%) of us even splash out on engagement presents, kicking off the spending spree long before the big day.

When it comes to choosing gifts for the bride and groom, the research found well over a third (37%) tread carefully and stick to the preapproved list, with other typical choices including cash and gift vouchers. Just 3.5% of those surveyed showed a little more imagination, stating they gave handmade gifts.

Unsurprisingly, mothers or fathers of the couple splurge the most at their children’s weddings – spending over £700 on presents alone. Second to this, grandparents spend around £245, followed by £144 for siblings, £78 from aunts and uncles and £57 for close friends.

If you’re looking to be showered with the most expensive gifts, don’t forget to invite your Scottish friends and family to watch you say ‘I do’, with the research finding that that on average Scottish guests spent the most (£58) on gifts, compared to a tight-fisted £39 in the South East.

Adam Powell, Head of Operations at Policy Expert commented: “If you or a family member is set to walk down the aisle this wedding season, it’s important to remember to check that the gifts received from generous guests as well as wedding rings and other valuables are covered in your home insurance policy. Policy Expert offers an additional 10% contents cover the month either side of your or your children’s wedding as standard, meaning you can cross the threshold on your return from honeymoon without any nasty surprises.”