Holidaymakers splash £28 billion each year on pre-getaway purchases

12 Jul, 2017

As Brits count down the days until their summer holiday begins, a new study by American Express has revealed that holidaymakers are likely to spend an average of £273 before they have even left their front door, stocking up on holiday items ranging from goggles and gadgets to games.

As a nation, Britons take an average of two holidays a year, either abroad or in the UK, equating to an average £546 spent on holiday preparations – more than the average UK weekly wage.

Holidaymakers spend the most on looking the part for their trip, spending £69 on clothing, shoes and accessories. This is followed by purchases on toys to keep the children occupied (£36), and then make up (£33).

More than two thirds (67%) of holidaymakers start buying treats a month before they depart for their trip. Popular items include clothing, magazines and snacks, and one in five (20%) purchase their loved ones or themselves a treat to celebrate the start of a trip.

Jenny Cheung, Director at American Express says “As the holiday season approaches, suitcases are already being piled high with travel related goodies as Brits prepare for their getaways. With many people working hard all year to earn their break, it’s understandable that special treats make it onto the shopping list. These little luxuries can go even further by putting related expenditure on a card that earns rewards or cashback, so you can treat yourself a bit more either during your holiday or after you return.”

American Express offers the following tips for those heading off on holiday:

1)     Plan in advance: if you are planning a holiday several months ahead, make a list of all the practical items you need and buy them ahead of time. After all, we usually book flights or train tickets in advance, so there’s no reason why you can’t gradually build up your holiday supplies, while having time to shop for bargains in the sales.

2)     Ask for holiday contributions: if your birthday is before, during or even after a holiday, ask family and friends to contribute towards items for your trip, such as clothes, travel guides or headphones.

3)     Don’t leave packing to the last minute: packing at least two days before your departure means you’re less likely to forget basic but useful essentials. Even if you are departing late in the day, travel schedules can always change so it pays to be organised in case the plan changes.

4)     Don’t panic: if you forget something, remember that it’s likely you will be able to buy the item on your travels, or borrow from one of your companions!

5)     Points make presents: check how many rewards points you have on your credit, charge or store card. You may have enough to treat yourself with your points at the airport or on your holiday.