Huge appetite for National Savings Pensioner Bonds

19 Jan, 2015

The much anticipated Pensioner bonds from National Savings & Investments (NS&I) were launched last Thursday (16 Jan) but the unprecedented demand  caused the NS&I website to crash.

The bonds offer two choices for savers aged 65 plus – a one-year Guaranteed Growth Bond paying 2.8% AER before tax (2.24% net of 20% tax) and a three-year bond paying 4% AER (3.2% after  basic rate tax).

Interest is paid on maturity for the one-year bond and annually on the three year option. The minimum amount that can be deposited is £500 and the maximum £10,000 per person and the bonds can be held by an individual or jointly by couples.

In the first two days £1.15 billion worth of bonds had been snapped up – more than 10% of the total £10 billion of funds available under this government initiative.

Money expert Andrew Hagger of said: It just shows how much pent up demand there is for decent savings rates – with standard savings accounts offering such miserly returns I expect demand to remain high and these bonds to sell out within the next three or four weeks.”