Lost or broken your iPhone 8 on Day One? Get a new one within 4 hours!

24 Sep, 2017
24 Sept 2017
The days of waiting weeks to have your lost, stolen or damaged gadgets repaired or replaced are officially over, with the launch of InMyBag, a ‘breakdown service for your bag’.
In a UK first, InMyBag guarantees to repair or replace up to £5k of gadgets — such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops — in as little as four hours and always within 24 hours. There’s a £25 excess for repair and a £50 excess for replacement.
Partnering with global brands such as Amazon Prime and Apple, InMyBag has set out to drag insurance kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. It cuts out the soulless paperwork and endless phone calls for which traditional insurers are notorious, and puts the customer’s convenience firmly at the heart of the service.
In the social media age, customers — predominantly freelancers and mobile professionals — can even make a claim with a tweet. They can cancel anytime before making a claim, giving the extra financial freedom that the self-employed lifestyle requires.
For extra peace of mind, InMyBag also boasts an exclusive partnership with CrashPlan, a company that brings an enterprise-grade data backup service to members at no additional cost.
CrashPlan gives unlimited cloud storage, minute-by-minute backup, protection against deleted files and any-device access. Data is totally secure while file encryption, virus and ransomware recovery mean that nothing is irretrievable in the event of a cyber attack.
For the internationally mobile, InMyBag offers all-important overseas protection for up to 90 days a year. If you’re abroad and a vital gadget is lost, stolen or broken, it will do its level best to get you up-and-running again on the same day, and even transfer funds into your account to buy a replacement.
Gustav Holst Stuge, CEO, InMyBag, commented:
“We like to think of InMyBag as an emergency service for anyone on the go, especially people who carry around a lot of expensive gadgets, such as mobile phones and laptops, as part of their work. For mobile professionals in particular, not having the tools of your trade repaired or replaced immediately can cost you a lot in lost earnings. Our research shows that people with traditional gadget insurance dread making claims: they have little faith that their claim will be approved and they don’t feel confident that they’ll get a quick replacement. In this day and age, who can afford to wait three weeks for a new phone, let alone a laptop?