A Moneynet Award Winners logo adds value – and can help win new customers!

  1. Independent recognition of your competitive product(s) gives you the edge over your competitors.
  1. The winners logo will instantly give added impetus to your marketing and promotional messaging and an extra reason for a customer to choose your product.
  1. Moneynet award winner’s logos are well known and used to aid customer recruitment by some of the biggest and most respected brands in personal finance.
  2. A one off licence fee gives you unlimited and unrestricted use of the winner’s logo, so you can use it:
  • On your website (example)
  • In branch promotional literature
  • Posters
  • Newspaper advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Google adverts
  • Email sign offs


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  1. As part of the deal you’ll receive a written testimonial about your winning product(s) from respected personal finance commentator Andrew Hagger that you can use in your PR and marketing. (example)
  2. Online or offline, your success will be highly visible – a hi res (EPS) and lo res (JPEG) version of the logo will be created and emailed to you within 24 hours of confirming your purchase.

For more information on how your company can purchase a licence to display a Moneynet Award Winners logo

email ahagger@moneynet.co.uk or phone Andrew on 07887 717763