More people taking pets with them on holidays abroad

19 Jul, 2016

A report this week from Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance shows that more pets are going abroad on holiday with their owners than ever before, in part to avoid both parties suffering from ‘separation anxiety’.

For many pet owners, dealing with being apart from their beloved pet can prove challenging. Six out of ten pet owners claim to have felt sad when leaving their dogs and cats at home when they go on holiday. They also believe their pets have also suffered as a result of this, with 40% claiming that their pets developed separation-related behavioural problems. The findings indicate that their pets became withdrawn and some reported that their pets became aggressive or started to chew furniture and belongings.

An analysis of the latest government data by Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance reveals an increase in the number of pet passports issued over the five past years.

In 2015 the Animal and Plant Health Authority issued 127,657 pet passports, which represents a 287% growth across the five-year period between 2011 and 2015.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance said: “Many pet owners cannot bear the thought of going on holiday and leaving their loved one behind and are avoiding the emotional strain of separation by taking their pet with them. If you are taking your pet abroad make sure you specify optional holiday cover with your pet insurance to cover accident and illness, and make sure you’re aware of any exclusions that apply.”

Pet owners must ensure they meet the pet travel requirements when taking their pets on holiday. Research from Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance reveals that 13% of pet owners who took their pet abroad were refused entry to the country as they did not have the correct documentation. Of the 21% of people who have taken their pets abroad, by far the majority travelled by car (65%) although a high 19% travelled by plane.

However, whilst taking a pet on holiday prevents them from suffering separation-related distress, travelling with pets is not always straightforward as many animals find the change in routine, environment and the travel stressful, which can lead to illnesses.