More than 20 million Brits will take on DIY jobs this weekend

26 Aug, 2021

Almost two in five Brits (38%) plan to dust off tool kits and pick up paintbrushes as they take on DIY jobs this weekend, according to new research by Shawbrook Bank Personal Loans.

Despite the predicted bank holiday sunshine, more than 20 million UK adults will be staying indoors to tick off niggling DIY tasks that have been on their list for weeks.

A quarter (27%) are opting for DIY over bank holiday BBQs, while one in five (22%) say they won’t be seeing friends or family this weekend as DIY jobs will take priority.

Out of those who plan to do DIY this weekend, London is the most DIY-happy region, with 60% of locals planning to carry out jobs this weekend, followed by Northern Ireland (55%) and the West Midlands (41%).

Painting walls is the most common task amongst DIY-ers, with three in five (61%) planning to take this on.

Filling in cracks in walls (34%), giving gardens a glow-up (32%) and putting up shelving or mirrors (32%) are all other common jobs that will be carried out this weekend.

Almost three in ten (28%) admit to a being DIY newbie, while 17% class themselves as DIY pros.

A quarter (25%) say YouTube videos and tutorials have inspired their DIY drive, while one in ten (11%) will attempt to replicate things as seen on TikTok.

This weekend alone, DIY-ers will spend an average of £682 – adding to the £1,950 already spent on home improvements over the past year by the average Brit.

Separate research from Shawbrook Bank found that three in five (58%) tend to use their savings to fund DIY projects around the house, while a quarter (26%) rely on credit cards or personal loans to cover costs. One in six (16%) borrow money from friends and family.

Less than half (46%) make a budget before carrying out home improvements or DIY jobs – with 71% sticking to it and three in ten (29%) overspending.

This DIY mania follows on from a meteoric rise in DIY projects over the past year. Shawbrook Bank found that nearly half (49%) of UK adults tried their hand at projects in lockdown – with more than one in ten (13%) ending in disaster.

Sally Conway, Head of Consumer Communications at Shawbrook Bank Personal Loans, said:“As a result of having more time on our hands over the past year, many of us have relished the opportunity to undertake DIY projects around the home. This bank holiday weekend will be no different, with many opting to stay in and get DIY jobs done.  

“Though the jobs might seem straight-forward at first, there can be plenty of complications and hidden costs further down the line. That’s why it’s essential Brits plan ahead before they get started this weekend, making sure they’re clear on what needs doing and how much it could cost – not forgetting those unexpected bills that may arise if the jobs go wrong!” 

Earlier this month, Shawbrook Personal Loans worked with renowned British comedian Hal Cruttenden to develop a comedy sketch featuring some of the most hilarious DIY disasters from across the nation:

Famous for his appearances in Mock the Week and Live at The Apollo, Hal makes light of the funny and sometimes stressful situations we face when taking on DIY around our homes through these new comedy sketches.


  1. Set yourself a clear budget and think carefully about all the costs involved.
  2. Explore different financings options to decide which option is best for you, it could be through savings, a personal loan, or a second charge mortgage for example.
  3. If borrowing money, shop around to find the best rates and make sure you don’t just make your decision based on the headline advertised rate as not everyone will be offered this rate.
  4. Seek a professional valuation to help understand what the potential return on investment might be from the renovations you have planned.
  5. Remember to keep your insurer informed of any home improvements or renovations to ensure that your current policy covers any changes in the value of your property.

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