One in seven ‘borrow’ Wi-Fi to ease financial pressures

19 Jun, 2017

New research from Santander UK reveals that over seven million adult Brits (14 per cent) have used someone else’s Wi-Fi because they cannot afford their own. The study found that five per cent of people have ‘borrowed’ Wi-Fi from their neighbours because they couldn’t afford their own, Five per cent have spent time in a café or shop with free Wi-Fi without ordering or buying anything and three per cent of people have jumped on an unknown, unsecured Wi-Fi when out and about.

Other key findings from the release include:

  • While data security is a concern for over half (52 per cent) of individuals when using someone else’s Wi-Fi, 17 per cent of those with security concerns are willing to use Wi-Fi hotspots if they ‘need’ to check their social media profiles or download shop or restaurant discount codes and 19 per cent put aside their worries to use an unsecured network for work.
  • Over a quarter (26 per cent) of British adults, and 49 per cent of those in the 18-34 year old age group have carried out financial transactions on their phone using an unsecured Wi-Fi network
  • Over the past ten years, the cost of phone and broadband bills has increased by 24 per cent. Bills are made worse for 30 per cent of Brits who say they go over their data allowance, with six per cent doing so every month.
  • Those topping up data spend an average of £16 per month – a collective £212 million.