Opportunities to donate to charity as you spend and save

28 Oct, 2015

With Remembrance Sunday a little over a week away many of us will again be doing our bit to help support the Royal British Legion.

As well as popping your cash into a collection box you can also donate a little extra cash throughout the year via a couple of charity linked financial products

For example Coventry Building Society has just launched its latest Poppy Bond.

This is a three year fixed rate savings bond paying a competitive 2.35% AER. As part of the deal the Coventry will donate the equivalent of 0.15% of all balances held in these accounts as at 31 December 2015 to the Royal British Legion.

Another way of giving as you go about your daily life is by using a charity credit card.

MBNA has partnered with the Royal British Legion since 2006 via an affinity card where customers earn funds for the charity as they spend.

The Royal British Legion receives an initial payment of £20 when a card is taken out through its website. On top of this it benefits ongoing revenue at the rate of 25 pence for every £100 spent on the card as well as a further £2 every year that the card account remains open.

While it may possible to earn more with a credit card paying cashback and then donating it yourself, in reality many people aren’t organised enough to follow that idea through.