Organise your holiday plastic now and save on overseas charges

12 Apr, 2016

With the children back at school this week after Easter, people will soon be looking ahead to their 2016 summer holidays.

Lots of planning goes into getting the cheapest flight and best value hotel for the money, but when it comes to holiday plastic, many people stick with their everyday credit card and are paying over the odds.

Andrew Hagger of Moneycomms said it’s worth applying for a credit card that doesn’t charge overseas usage fees or cash withdrawal fees – you could easily save around £6 on every £100 currency equivalent ATM withdrawal and around 3% on every purchase made with your card.

Too many people rely on the cards they use in the UK but don’t realise how much they could save by picking the right card to pack with their passport.

For example, the new MBNA Everyday plus credit card doesn’t charge any foreign currency charge or cash withdrawal fee, so makes a perfect cost effective holiday companion.

Other credit cards worth a look are Metro Bank and Nationwide Select (although a current account is required) or alternatively Saga (over 50’s), Halifax Clarity or Post Office.

The table attached shows just how much the cost can stack up on a two week summer holiday – surely an £80 plus saving makes it worth taking the time to apply for a more suitable card to take away when you travel.

Even if you’re only going abroad for a few days the potential savings mean more money in your holiday kitty rather than adding to the profits of the banks.