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Youth unemployment levels effecting Eurozone recovery

The high levels of youth unemployment across Europe are damaging the long term recovery and growth of the Eurozone, the head of the International Monetary Fund has warned.

IMF director, Christine Lagarde, said that foreseeing a full recovery would be impossible if the high levels of youth unemployment were left unaddressed because of the high percentage that young workers make of the entire labour force across Europe.

And Mrs Lagarde has now called for domestic politicians to be proactive and improve the levels of young workers in employment before the Eurozone’s recovery becomes stagnant and infringed. A lack of skilled workers in the future would be the likely outcome of the current trend which would seriously compromise growth levels in Europe, Mrs Lagarde warned.

Youth unemployment is indeed a significant problem in a number of populations across Europe, including the UK, and with tuition fees going up, it can be argued the significance of addressing this has never been more important.

Published: 20/01/2014

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