Protect your garden from thieves and vandals

7 Apr, 2015

New research from M&S  Bank reveals  that nearly a quarter of people with  a garden shed admit to leaving it unlocked, with more than one in ten saying  they  never  secure  it, despite the contents of a typical shed being valued at more than £570

Nearly a fifth of respondents revealed that their shed contained more than £1,000 worth of gardening goods and equipment.

More  than  a  quarter  of shed owners say either they and/or someone  they  know has fallen victim to theft or damage to items stored in their  shed;  rising to 36 per cent for those in the North. Nearly half said items stored in their shed either weren’t covered by their home  insurance, or they didn’t know/hadn’t checked their current policy to see if they were covered.

It  isn’t just sheds that are targeted by thieves or vandals; more than one in ten say either they and/or someone they know, has had their garden greenery damaged or stolen.

Despite  the  average garden containing £419 worth of plants, bushes, trees and  shrubs, it’s perhaps surprising that two thirds of  garden  owners  didn’t know or haven’t checked whether  their  garden  is insured.

In addition, 23 per cent of those with a garden estimate that  they  typically  spend  between  two  and  four hours per week on its up-keep  during  the spring and summer months (March to August). One in ten spend  upwards  of  ten hours per week maintaining their garden during this period.

A spokesman for M&S Bank, said: “The value of items in the garden,  whether  it’s in the shed or the garden itself, is often more than people  realise and can very quickly mount up. The time that many invest in the  up-keep  and  maintenance  of  their  garden  can  also  be  extremely