Sainsbury’s Bank reveals the currencies which have surged in popularity

15 May, 2019

15 May 2019 Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money has analysed its Travel Money currencies to identify which destinations are on the rise for travellers looking to get away from mainstream tourist locations.

Four currencies have jumped up in use over the past four years, indicating the growing popularity of the countries. British travellers are choosing to stay closer to home as European destinations dominate some of the most bought currencies. 

The top currency climbers

Currency 2018 position 2015 position
Polish Zloty 7 14
Czech Krona 8 12
Hungarian Forint 13 20
Islandic Krona 15 18

Polish Zloty has leapt up in popularity, moving from the 14th most bought currency in 2015 to the 7th in 2018. Tourism data also demonstrates the growing attractiveness of Poland for international visitors as the country has seen record-breaking tourist numbers in the past two years. Its emerging music scene may be the reason for its growing number of visitors. Electronic music fans can join the floods of music lovers at Unsound Music Festival in Krakow and its popularity has led to expansion into other cities including New York, Prague and Minsk. For holidaymakers who love music, Poland could be a place to visit this year.

Czech Krona has climbed up the charts from 12th position to be the 8th most popular currency. Tourism data echoes the travel money trend with the country receiving a record 13.2 million international visitors last year. Since October 2013, its annual Signal Festival has showcased Prague’s architectural features using light art and new technology, where it  has been named among one of the best light festivals in Europe.

Hungarian Forint has experienced the biggest increase in popularity, flying up to the 13th most popular currency in 2018 from 20th place in 2015. Tourism statistics support the currency trend as visitors have increased by 5% in the past year . Budapest attracts hundreds of thousands of festival goers for its six day long Sziget Festival in August. Last year Brits dominated the festival as the second majority ticket buyers after local residents. Previous headliners such as Stormzy, Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, Kasabian, Rihanna and David Guetta make it a must-see international music event.

Icelandic Krona’s popularity has been on an upward spiral in recent years, moving from the 18th most popular currency to the 15th. Iceland has experienced a recent tourism boom years with 2.2 million people visiting the country in 2017, a 24% increase on the year before(. Its popularity has been helped by the filming which took place there for the popular TV show Game of Thrones. 

Simon Taylor, Head of Travel Money at Sainsbury’s Bank said: “Our currency data shows that European destinations are popular with holidaymakers who are looking for cheaper short-haul flights for a cost-effective trip. When preparing for your getaway, make sure to check out the latest travel money deals beforehand to get the most bang for your buck so you can save your money for holiday treats instead.”

Top money tips for your next getaway from Sainsbury’s Bank:

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3.     Friendly finances: If you’re heading away on a trip with friends, have a conversation with them before you go about how much they are planning to spend. This way you will all be on the same page while you’re away.

4.     Budget: On holiday it can be easy to get carried away with spending. Make a budget before you go and try your best to stick to it. Have a look at apps which split bills for you to save the hassle of working out how much everyone has to pay while you’re at the dinner table.

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