Save Water Save Money launches new energy switching tool

15 Mar, 2018

15 Mar 2018 Save Water Save Money (SWSM), the global business which specialises in helping people save water, has launched a new energy switching tool, enabling consumers become more sustainable while cutting down their bills across the board.

The free tool compares current usage to price plans offered by all gas and electricity providers, giving customers an unbiased and simple overview of all options available. Once they’ve selected the best deal for them, it will complete the switch, so they’ll never be paying more than they should. In addition, consumers who switch their energy through SWSM will be offered a free water savings kit (usually £14.95 plus P&P), saving on average 30,000 litres of water and £100 off their bill each year. For consumers who do not want a water saving kit, SWSM will donate £5 to a charity of their choice.

Over five million customers switched their electricity supply and four million switched their gas in 2017, putting energy switching at a nine year high, on average saving £250 a year.

This tool comes following the successful launch of the aqKWa Savings Engine™ which so far has helped more than 170,000 households save water, equating to £88 a year on average. The Engine provides a detailed breakdown of your water usage, and tailored advice on saving water, bespoke to each individual.

Tim Robertson, CEO of Save Water Save Money, commented: “Our mission is to build awareness of water and energy efficiency in the UK, and help consumers make small changes that can have a profound impact on cutting down their bills, as well as benefiting the planet too.

“The aqKWa Savings Engine™ puts consumers back in control of their bills, water and energy usage, making for a more sustainable lifestyle. Society is starting to wake up to environmental challenges like never before, and becoming increasingly aware about the potential benefits of switching energy providers. We’ve already helped over 170,000 households save water, and now we’re excited to further this with gas and electric bills.”

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