Savvy Brits choose September for bargain breaks

21 Sep, 2018

21 Sep 2018 Holidays should be a time of rest and relaxation but some find the summer months expensive and hectic, so for many Brits, going on holiday after the summer rush is the preferred option. New research from Sainsbury’s Bank reveals 12% of Brits prefer to take their main holiday in September, equating to 6.2 million holiday makers taking a post-summer break.

Over half of Brits holidaying in September choose it because it is a quieter time of year for a getaway, with holidaymakers from across Europe and the world having already had their summer break. Two in five holidaymakers are savvy spenders, citing good offers and deals meaning September breaks are good for both wallet and wellbeing. Furthermore, 20% of holidaymakers choose September as their nearest and dearest are available to come with them.

Top reasons why Brits love September holidays:


Percentage of Brits who travel in September for this reason

It’s a quieter time of year


It’s a cheaper time of year


It’s the best season/weather for the places I am visiting


My family and friends are available


It’s easier to get time off work



Despite the summer months being over, beach holidays are the most popular type of September escape (27%), 17% are family breaks and 14% travel to a country retreat. It appears travellers are also comfortable spending more on their holidays. In September 2017, Sainsbury’s Bank recorded a 7% increase  in the average amount of foreign currency exchanged at their travel bureaux compared to the previous year.

Simon Taylor, Head of Travel Money at Sainsbury’s Bank said:  “Our research shows consumers are becoming savvier – choosing September to take advantage of deals and offers. With this in mind, it’s increasingly important to think about holiday currency and how to make your money go further. A pre-paid holiday card is a good idea because it helps you manage your budget while enjoying your trip and our multi-currency travel money card comes with a handy app to help you keep track of transactions.”