Single young adults invest in shared ownership to afford a property

14 Feb, 2018

14 Feb 2018 One in seven young Britons (14 per cent) say they would buy a home with a stranger in a bid to get on the property ladder, according to nationwide research.

A new study of 2,000 Brits (aged 18 – 40) by HSBC has revealed the true extent to which buying a property now feels increasingly out of reach for the younger generation, with 83 per cent claiming they may never be able to afford to buy their own property.

According to the report, 80 per cent would co-own a property with someone who is not their partner, with a further 59 per cent saying they’re at least “open to the idea” of buying with a stranger – if they ticked all the right boxes.

4 per cent said they would be prepared to move in with “someone they met in the pub”, while just under one in twenty would even consider buying with an ex.