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Seven out of 10 homes suffer as owners ignore maintenance

| October 8, 2019

8 Oct 2019 Seventy per cent of homeowners admit to ignoring property problems, because they’d rather spend their time and money on other things, according to new research from Aviva. The recent study of 2,000 homeowners shows property maintenance is way down many people’s priority lists. Aviva found: More than a quarter of homeowners (27%) […]

Travellers urged to avoid horror exchange rates at the airport and buy holiday money in advance

| October 7, 2019

07 Oct 2019 With half term fast approaching, Caxton, the international payments and foreign exchange specialist, is urging customers to buy their currency early and avoid the Halloween horror exchange rates at the airport. Exchange rates can prove confusing, but some people don’t appreciate exactly how much impact their last-minute currency purchase can have on […]

25 million UK employees yet to make a will

| October 1, 2019

30 Sep 2019 Just 23% of UK employees have made a current will, according to the Financial Wellbeing Index from Close Brothers. This means that up to 25 million UK workers may not have taken this crucial step to protect their financial health and to provide for their loved ones. This number rises to almost half […]

New research by Leeds Building Society sheds light on mortgage cashback

| September 27, 2019

25 Sep 2019 Stamp Duty, home improvements or immediately starting to pay down their new mortgage are all ways homebuyers would spend cashback from lenders, Leeds Building Society has discovered. The Society carried out national research* into mortgage cashback deals to find out whether borrowers valued this option and how they would spend this cash, […]

One in Five Contactless Payments Will Now Be Blocked to Help Prevent Fraud

| September 27, 2019

20 Sep 2019 New European legislation brings in Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to limit the amount of contactless payments someone can make, in an effort to reduce instances of fraud. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) came into force on 14 September 2019 to help prevent fraud £108m is potentially lost from fraud in the UK, as […]

100 days to Christmas but two in five yet to start saving

| September 16, 2019

16 Sep 2019 Christmas may be 100 days away but 39% of people have yet to start saving for the festive period, according to research conducted by Leeds Building Society. As part of its ongoing efforts to understand the savings habits and attitudes of UK adults, the Society ran a national YouGov survey to find […]

NatWest Launches £150 Switcher Offer

| September 11, 2019

12 Sept 2019 NatWest is offering £150 to new and existing customers switching their main bank account. The limited time offer runs until 6 December 2019. NatWest’s Select account has no monthly fee and also has the benefit of GetCash which enables customers to withdraw money from a cash machine without their bank card using […]

Inheritance tax rules tying people in knots

| September 11, 2019

11 Sep 2019 Making sense of the many complicated inheritance tax rules can be tricky and an added challenge at an already testing emotional time. The Office of Tax Simplification has proposed a radical shake-up, recommending that the seven-year gifting rule should be cut down to five years along with simplification of the link between IHT and […]

Caxton’s “Brexit Beer Index” reveals Brits are paying an average of 16% more for a beer abroad

| September 10, 2019

10 Sep 2019 The pound has weakened considerably since the UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016, due to a combination of business uncertainty and lack of confidence during the extended Brexit negotiations. This has impacted many goods and services, but the one thing that irks many brits the most is the extra […]

4 in 10 sellers would shun bricks-and-mortar estate agents for next move

| September 5, 2019

05 Sept 2019 New research suggests, if they were to move tomorrow, millions of people would cut costs by taking a more hands-on approach to selling their home and undertaking their own house removal.  Estate agents’ fees make up a sizable chunk of the cost of selling a property.  Depending on the contract and the agreed selling […]