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Five Reasons Why Investing Can be a Smart Strategy

| July 19, 2019

19 July 2019 Deciding whether to save or invest your money can be difficult. Saving may be safer, but with interest rates at rock bottom it’s not going to earn you much in the way of a decent return on your capital. The impact of inflation could all but wipe out any interest returns hence […]

Expats urged to do their financial homework before committing to move abroad

| July 18, 2019

18 July 2019 Immigration is a hot topic in the UK right now, however it’s easy to forget how many British expats reside in the EU. According to data from the United Nations, there were just over 4.5 million Brits living abroad in 2017, with 1.3 million residing in EU member states. Whilst this number […]

Smart Private Landlords Pay Less Tax on their Rental Income

| July 17, 2019

17 July 2019 Renting out property can be lucrative source of income. It yields many opportunities to landlords, but like with all potentially profitable ventures, it also comes with its fair share of downsides too; namely paying tax on rental income. Paying tax is a positive thing when you look at the bigger picture. It […]

Report claims young people want access to their pension pot to help them get onto the property ladder

| July 15, 2019

15 July 2019 Almost 3.8 million people aged 22-29 are saving below the recommended level for a comfortable retirement, according to the latest Scottish Widows Retirement Report. Despite auto enrolment, one in six people in this age group still aren’t saving at all for their retirement. Yet, 38% of under-30s say they would save more […]

New Savings Account Automatically Moves Your Cash So You Get The Best Rate

| July 9, 2019

09 July 2019 Customers can register today for a new savings account, Kepe, which promises to end the ‘loyalty penalty’ by automatically moving cash savings to get better interest rates. Kepe plans to do for people’s cash savings and cash ISAs what auto-switching has begun to do for household energy bills. It removes the need to […]

5.4 Million UK Bank Accounts at Potential Risk of Undetected Fraud

| July 4, 2019

04 July 2019 New research from TotallyMoney and Moneycomms reveals 1 in 12 Brits wouldn’t notice a rogue £20 entry on their bank statement, potentially costing a total of £108m. 1 in 12 (5.4 million) people wouldn’t spot a rogue £20 entry on their main current account Assuming each person has one bank account, losses could be up to […]

Drivers pay up to £20 more to fill up at motorway services

| July 3, 2019

03 July 2019UK drivers can save themselves £20 by making one simple change and avoiding motorway refuelling stations.  New research has exposed a disparity between the price of petrol stations on the roads and on the motorway, revealing how motorists can save themselves a money by making a simple detour and using alternative fuel stations. […]

Which everyday items have become more or less affordable over time?

| July 2, 2019

02 July 2019 Our expectations of ‘everyday’ living are growing rapidly. As mainstream technology advances at an exponential rate, more and more items are moving from luxury to necessity in our lives. The good news is once unthinkable technologies are now readily accessible, indeed affordable for most people in the western world. Not everything is […]

Report claims people value their possessions more than their life

| July 2, 2019

02 July 2019 More than half the population are prepared to insure their mobile phone, gadgets, and other possessions before themselves, according to new research by Co-op Insurance. The insightful data shows that less than half (48%) of UK residents have purchased life insurance but have taken out cover for objects they own. Of those who […]

One in three Brits turning to friends and family to borrow substantial sums of money

| June 28, 2019

28 Jun 2019 One third of Brits (31%) have borrowed money from family and friends; yet more than half (53%) do not expect to pay the money back according to new research by Lloyds Bank.  Part of Lloyds Bank’s ‘How Britain Lives’ study, the UK-wide analysis from YouGov of 2,018 adults also found that one in five (22%) are borrowing money from friends and family just to get by, using the cash to cover day-to-day living costs.  Brits are most likely […]