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Four in ten over 40s have no idea of the cost of retirement

| March 7, 2017

Despite the Government’s pension freedoms giving us more control over our money in retirement, new research shows that 40% of people over 40 have no idea of the cost of even a basic lifestyle in retirement, suggesting that more needs to be done to show people how much they need to save in order to […]

Changes to compensation payments could add £75 car insurance premiums

| February 28, 2017

The Ministry of Justice has decided to reduce the discount rate used in calculations for compensation payments for those who suffer long-term injuries, and the net result could well be higher insurance premiums for drivers. Matt Oliver from Car Insurance, commented:  “First IPT increases and now this!  Drivers are being hit with news about […]

Probate fee rise ‘a new tax on bereaved families’

| February 28, 2017

STEP has condemned the sharp increase in probate fees due to come in this May as a new tax on bereaved families. The new fees will now be pro-rata, and apply to all estates worth GBP50,000 and over. An estate of GBP300,000-GBP500,000 will now pay GBP1000, and estates of GBP2m or more will pay as […]

Brits to Spend £108 Billion on Cars in 2017

| February 28, 2017

With excitement revving up for the release of ‘17’ number plates on 1 March, buying a car is a significant purchase. A new study from American Express® has found that 19% of adults will spend an average of £11,094 buying a brand new or second hand car this year, equating to a bumper £108 billion across […]

AA Home Cover offers radical new boiler cover which pays for itself

| February 21, 2017

The biggest home running cost for most people is gas and electricity, just as the biggest car running cost can be fuel, according to AA Home Services. Today the AA launches a radical new boiler cover and energy switching service, which guarantees to save members £200 on their gas and electricity costs and non-members £150. […]

Over 50s are big spenders on home and lifestyle

| February 21, 2017

Aspirations for dream homes and cars are not just for the young, many of us live this dream after we turn 50 by carrying out major spending on homes, cars and holidays*. Part of this could well be driven by retirement as almost half of people say they notice more repairs that need to be […]

Britain is a nation of savers

| February 21, 2017

Britons haven’t lost their appetite for saving – despite the current low interest rate environment and economic uncertainty over issues such as Brexit. A survey conducted by one of the UK’s leading building societies, the West Brom,  shows that 72 per cent of the nation still class themselves as regular savers. Out of more than […]

Lifetime ISA will get younger generations saving for the future

| February 14, 2017

The Government’s new Lifetime ISA is set to be a hit with parents and grandparents who are keen to get younger generations into the saving habit, according to new research by The Share Centre. The Lifetime ISA, which will be available from 6 April 2017, is a new type of saving account aimed at 18- […]

Half of homeowners could be at risk of flood

| February 14, 2017

Thousands of homeowners could unknowingly be living in a high flood risk area, significantly increasing their chances of unexpected and costly damage, new analysis from home insurer Policy Expert has revealed. Of the 5,443 people surveyed, almost half (44%) did not know whether they lived in a flood risk area. This is despite the fact […]

Give your savings a caffeine boost with Fidelity’s ISA cappuccino plan

| February 14, 2017

Making small sacrifices, such as cutting out your daily cappuccino, could transform your finances, according to figures calculated by Fidelity International. By simply ditching your daily shop-bought coffee at £2.50 a day, five days a week, you can easily find £50 a month to invest in an ISA. And growing even that apparently small sum […]