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Five money-saving tips for drivers over the festive period

| December 20, 2017

20 Dec 2017  Five money-saving tips for drivers over the festive period, by Freddy Macnamara, CEO and founder of pay-as-you-go insurer Cuvva Plan your parking o   Shopping centres are infamously overpriced for parking, so side roads, local public car parks, and apps which let you rent other people’s driveways by the hour are alternatives which shouldn’t […]

12 noon on Friday 22 December is set to be the busiest time for ATM cash withdrawals

| December 20, 2017

20 Dec 2017  For those planning to do some last-minute Christmas shopping – you have been warned: 12pm on Friday 22 December is set to be the busiest time for cash withdrawals at Santander ATMs across the UK. Analysis of Santander’s own data shows that in the last two years, the last Friday before Christmas has […]

New insurance products for festive AirBnB-ers that could protect them from damage, theft or liability

| December 14, 2017

14 Dec 2017  A new set of insurance products are being launched that have been designed to cater specifically for the burgeoning sharing economy of AirBnB hosts and parking space rentals by a new entrant to the market. The new company, Inlet, claims to have spotted a significant gap in the market that is being […]

Brits put their credit at risk

| December 13, 2017

13 Dec 2017  Thousands of UK adults have no idea that they are credit checked for financial products, from utility bills, mortgage applications and credit cards, according to a new study from Amigo Loans. The research found that more than 51% of UK adults have never checked their credit score, meaning that thousands could be […]

Nearly half put their Christmas shopping at risk in the car

| December 12, 2017

12 Dec 2017  With shoppers set to spend nearly £700 in total on Christmas this year – £100 more than last year – M&S Bank is encouraging motorists to check their car insurance before heading out Christmas shopping, ensuring the gifts they’ve purchased aren’t at risk from opportunistic thieves this festive season. Research from M&S […]

Variable rate best options for starting the savings habit

| December 11, 2017

11 Dec 2017  All of Yorkshire Building Society’s variable rate savings accounts receive a 0.25% interest boost from Thursday (14 December) and there’s no time like the present to start the savings habit. Variable rate accounts are now a much more attractive option for those looking to build a nest egg Recent research from Equifax […]

More than 8 million people will use an overdraft to cover Christmas costs

| December 11, 2017

11 Dec 2017 With the Christmas period fast approaching, people across the country are already preparing to make changes to improve their finances in 2018. In a recent survey to help promote a better understanding of Basic Bank Accounts, Virgin Money found that one in six people expect the cost of Christmas to mean they are […]

Commuters carry over £500m worth of valuables on TFL network but lose 330,000 of them in a year

| December 11, 2017

11 Dec 2017  Commuters are carrying valuables worth more than £516 million every year, new research from Policy Expert has revealed. 8.6 million people travel across the TFL network, each carrying valuables worth more than £600, with mobile phones, jewellery and wearable gadgets all making the list of the most common items. In addition to […]

Top 5 tips to consider before cashing in your pension

| December 6, 2017

06 Dec 2017 Introduced in April 2015 the pension changes brought freedom and choice on how to take income in retirement. It means that most individuals, age 55 or over, can now withdraw as much or little income, as and when they like from their defined contribution (DC) pension scheme. It may be tempting to […]

Consumers spend more time researching a holiday than a new car

| December 6, 2017

06 Dec 2017 Only 78% of British car buyers say they typically do any research at all before purchasing a car according to a study by car finance provider Black Horse. This is less than buyers researching a holiday (84%) and only slightly more than those who research smaller purchases such as a mobile phone […]