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Families concerned about rising cost of living

| February 24, 2016

New research to support the launch of Sainsbury’s Bank’s  ‘Family Finance Report’ this week shows that, despite the emergence of green economic shoots and low inflation, the majority of people in the UK are not overly optimistic about their finances when compared to last year. Despite wages increasing by around 2% in the past 12 […]

Is your credit card a one trick pony?

| February 24, 2016

Two months into the New Year and it feels like deja vu with the credit card companies’ hell bent on pushing interest free cards. One of the downsides of this strategy is that that some of the more versatile credit cards offering a range of flexible features are often overlooked. If you’re considering a new […]

Average home insurance premium climbs 3.1% in last three months

| February 16, 2016

Home insurance premiums have climbed sharply in the past three months as tax rises take effect, new analysis from insurance market research experts Consumer Intelligence shows. Average premiums have risen 3.1% to £119 in the past three months following the introduction of Insurance Premium Tax increases in November. Consumer Intelligence’s analysis – which is used by […]

1.2 million young Brits risk credit chaos by skipping bills

| February 16, 2016

New research reveals that 1.2 million Millennials (18-34) have ignored a payment such as the last month of a phone contract or a household bill. Nearly a third (31%) of this age group has been rejected for a financial product such as a mortgage or store card because they have defaulted on a repayment. This […]

Over one million business owners snubbed by lenders

| February 15, 2016

New research from Amigo Loans reveals over one million sole traders have been given the cold shoulder by mainstream lenders, with nearly a third of one man bands admitting they’ve been turned down for a loan. Of those who have been refused, a quarter think they would have a better chance seeking funding by asking a […]

84% of households cut back in an effort to reduce winter bills

| February 11, 2016

Almost 23 million households (84 per cent) across the UK have taken steps to make their bills more affordable, according to new research from Santander. Highlighting a nation of ‘sofa-eskimos’, more than two thirds of Brits say they layer up at home with gloves, hats, scarfs and extra jumpers in an attempt to keep warm and […]

Low cost borrowing options to fund your home improvement projects

| February 11, 2016

With the Easter break just around the corner it’s that time of year when many of us aim to get those eagerly anticipated home improvement jobs and DIY projects underway. Few of us are fortunate enough to have sufficient cash in the bank to pay for that kitchen makeover, revamp of the bathroom, or landscaping […]

Valentine’s day spending set to top £431 million

| February 11, 2016

Brits are set to spend £431 million this Valentine’s Day as 41% of UK adults plan on celebrating with their loved ones according to new research from American Express. Contrary to popular belief, spending on the special day extends beyond the honeymoon period. Couples who have been together for four years will splash out the […]

1 in 3 Britons vulnerable to cyber-threats due to ‘personal passwords’

| February 3, 2016

A third (30%) of UK adults have admitted to using something personal, such as their date of birth, maiden name or home address to create their password, much of which is easily accessible online. Almost half (44%) said they rarely or never change their online password – further increasing the risk. The findings also show […]

Supermarkets good value for money products too

| February 3, 2016

The big supermarket brands have been successfully selling financial products for just shy of 20 years in the UK and the keen rates and discounted deals continue to make them a popular choice. With all the accounts and cards being sold online or by phone the overheads are less of a burden and that translates […]