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6.4 million households unable to cover the costs of a broken boiler

| May 1, 2019

01 May 2019 Though the winter months are falling far behind us and the warmer weather is now setting in, research from home and boiler cover company, Hometree, reveals that over a third of UK households – the equivalent of around 6.4 million homes – say they wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of […]

Royal London highlights lack of understanding around Power of Attorney

| April 30, 2019

30 Apr 2019 Power of Attorneys allow people to appoint someone to make decisions on their behalf, should a time come when they lack the mental capacity to do so themselves. If the person has already lost mental capacity then the Court of Protection can appoint a deputy to make decisions on that person’s behalf. […]

Weflip praises Ofgem for new automatic compensation scheme for energy switching problems

| April 30, 2019

30 Apr 2019 Anders Nilsson, spokesperson for weflip, said: “This decision by Ofgem which comes into force tomorrow, will not only provide financial compensation if something goes wrong, but will help to restore confidence in the switching process and the energy market as a whole, after a rocky few months of supplier failures and erroneous switches. […]

One in five young people say their finances are out of control

| April 26, 2019

24 Apr 2019 Research from financial wellbeing experts Neyber found that one in five young people1 in Britain admit that their finances are out of control. It also uncovered that an alarming 70% of people under-34 need to regularly borrow, either to pay their monthly bills or deal with day-to-day living expenses, and that payday lenders are more […]

Insurance customers increasingly banking on credit to pay premiums

| April 17, 2019

17 Apr 2019 Insurance customers are increasingly banking on credit to pay premiums with nearly one in three planning to use more credit this year, new research from Premium Credit, the UK’s leading premium finance company shows. Its nationwide study found 31% of customers will borrow more in 2019 to fund insurance, with rising premiums […]

Guests splash out more than £8.2 billion attending weddings

| April 15, 2019

15 Apr 2018 Wedding guests shell out over £300 for each wedding they attend, according to new research from home insurer Policy Expert which questioned over 6,000 people in the UK. Nearly half (49%) of people attended a wedding in 2018, meaning that Brits spent more than £8.2 billion1 watching their friends, family and loved ones […]

Passport holders lose 567 million days

| April 12, 2019

12 Apr 2019 New research from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals British Passport holders have collectively lost 567 million days of valid travel since new rules came into effect that stop any remaining time on an old passport being carried over at renewal.  As a result of passport holders renewing before their passports ran out, often […]

8 TotallyMoney card and cash travel tips for Easter holidaymakers

| April 9, 2019

10 Apr 2019 Removing the worry of extra charges makes it that little bit easier for holidaymakers to relax. Here are our eight top tips for using a credit card abroad and making your holiday cash go further.  1. Select a travel-friendly card Choose a credit card or prepaid currency card with perks for overseas […]

UK holidaymakers stand to waste £50+ of Easter break budget on overseas credit card charges

| April 9, 2019

09 Apr 2019 Research carried out by financial advice website and commented on by credit experts TotallyMoney reveals that certain credit cards used abroad can cost consumers as much as £50-£60 in charges. This Easter, Britons travelling overseas and hoping to use their credit card to cover holiday spending, are urged to carefully consider which card they pack. The variation […]

Savers more cautious with their finances says Charter Savings Bank

| April 4, 2019

04 Apr 2019 Rising uncertainty is driving a financial flight to safety as savers look for security in the face of worries about living costs, reveals new research from Charter Savings Bank. Its study shows that more than half of adults have either started to or are considering saving more than in previous years. And […]