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Sky customers face £84 price hike

| April 2, 2019

01 Apr 2019 From today, millions of households will be met with additional squeezes on disposable income. With Sky customers facing paying up to £84 a year more for bundles including broadband, TV and phone from April 1st . Alistair Thom, Managing Director for free to air satellite TV provider, Freesat said: “Worryingly, homeowners with expensive […]

5.3 million people in the UK want to go freelance

| March 28, 2019

28 Mar 2019 The entrepreneurial dream is alive and well in the UK reveals new research collated by Direct Line for Business . Some 5.3 million people (10 per cent) dream of becoming their own boss in the future, embracing a career as a freelancer.  This is in addition to the 8.6 million (16 per […]

The price of potholes – Motorists’ repair bill surpasses £1.2 billion

| March 26, 2019

26 Mar 2019 The bill to the UK motorist for repairing pothole damage has skyrocketed to a total of more than £1billion, reveals research published today by Kwik Fit1, the UK’s largest automotive servicing and repair company. With more than 11 million drivers damaging their vehicle due to poor road conditions over the last year, […]

Airbnb hosts exposed as insurers ignore the needs of those providing short term lets

| March 21, 2019

21 Mar 2019 A new report on the UK property insurance industry, has found that the insurance needs of around one million short-term letting hosts are not being adequately accommodated by the UK’s major insurers. They are either being excluded from, compromised by or voided from their existing insurance policies. The report – Insurance in the […]

Brits spend £4.6 billion in credit card cash transactions, resulting in £219 million paid in charges

| March 21, 2019

21 Mar 2019 Research carried out by financial advice website and supported by credit experts TotallyMoney has revealed that credit card cash withdrawals cost UK consumers £219 million in fees and interest last year. In the 12-month period, there were more than 36 million credit card cash transactions. The average amount withdrawn or spent was £125. Every time a […]

New report reveals 27% increase in false insurance claims across the UK in the past year

| March 19, 2019

19 Mar 2019 Today, Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service with over 450 members, has released new figures showing a marked increase in the number of individuals committing insurance fraud with false claims. Between 2017 and 2018, there has been a nationwide increase of 27% in fraudulent insurance claims. The new figures reveal that […]

False Economies: UK adults reveal the financial decisions they regret

| March 15, 2019

15 Mar 2019 UK adults are being urged to spring clean their finances by using smart financial hacks the next time they buy a big ticket item or service.  A new study by Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards found nearly a third of UK adults have bought a lower quality item and then regretted not paying more […]

Your credit score explained

| March 13, 2019

13 Mar 2019 With the launch of Credit Awareness Week, credit experts TotallyMoney reveal exactly what goes into credit scores and how they’re calculated, allowing customers to understand better the reasons for any changes to them. A YouGov survey of 2,000 commissioned by TotallyMoney also highlights the lack of understanding around the subject of credit reports. Hold […]

Parents kick start savings for 21 million Brits

| March 7, 2019

07 Mar 2019 NS&I research has shown the enduring influence of our parents on building long term savings habits and the financial as well as emotional bonds between the generations. 50% of Britons had a savings account opened for them by their parent or guardian when they were a child, with just over half of […]

New wheels: One in four drivers back in the car market

| March 6, 2019

06 Mar 2019 With new number plates arriving on garage forecourts at the beginning of March, more than a quarter (27%) of motorists will be considering changing their car, despite current economic uncertainty, according to a new study from Sainsbury’s Bank. The research conducted by Sainsbury’s Bank found car buyers are planning to spend an […]