Superstitious Brits take more care on Friday 13th

13 Apr, 2018

13 Apr 2018  Friday 13th is upon us and despite Brits being cautions of the unlucky day, data from Policy Expert has found that they actually take more care.

Claims data shows that are fewer insurance claims made on Friday 13th, with the total claim costs also lower, compared to an average day in the month. In fact, Policy Expert has witnessed this pattern for the last nine consecutive dates, stretching back to 2013. Most recently, October Friday 13th saw the average insurance claim costs down by £69, January Friday 13th saw claims drop by £373 and prior to that, May Friday 13th saw a drop of £118.

Despite Brits taking more care, Policy Expert has also lifted the lid on Brits’ spooky superstitions. The research found that almost a quarter of Brits say walking under ladders will bring bad luck, whilst one in five are wary of smashed mirrors and a fifth wouldn’t leave new shoes on the table.

Brits’ top ten spooky superstitions revealed:

1.     Walking under a ladder

2.     Breaking a mirror

3.     Leaving new shoes on the table

4.     Opening an umbrella inside

5.     Spilling salt and not throwing it over your shoulder

6.     The number 13

7.     Black cats crossing your path

8.     Walking over three drains in a row

9.     Crossing a knife and a fork on a dinner table

10.   Leaving your purse/wallet on the floor 

Adam Powell, Head of Operations at Policy Expert commented: “Friday 13th is renowned for being unlucky, and our figures show Brits are as superstitious as ever. In fact, the nation is taking so much care on the luckless date that claims tend to fall. That being said, if you’re one of the millions of people watching your step this Friday 13th, make sure your home insurance policy is up to date and you’ve checked the small print to avoid any nasty surprises should you encounter a black cat, smashed mirror or the number 13.”