Around twenty per cent of travelers over the age of 50 go on holiday without insurance, according to a new report.

A poll of more than 10,000 people by Saga Travel Insurance found that 17 per cent go abroad without cover, while a further quarter delay buying their cover, with many purchasing insurance in the month before they travel.

Saga warned that buying cover at such a late stage could leave people exposed particularly as cancellation claims account for a large proportion of the total travel insurance claims for this age group.

Regionally, those in the Midlands and Welsh Borders are most likely to travel without any cover at all.

The report also claims that Londoners are the most likely to wait until the last minute before arranging insurance, with 13 per cent saying they wait until a week or two before departure.

A spokesman for, Saga, commented: “Typically the over 50s book their holidays a long time in advance and it makes sense to take out cover at the same time to ensure you can claim back your deposit if for some reason you are no longer able to travel.”