Term-time holiday costs rise £700 in 2 years

21 May, 2018

21 May 2018 An investigation comparing two years of summer holiday prices has revealed that families taking kids out of school to avoid summer holiday price hikes are also being penalised with prices inflating as much as 32% for term-time holidays, travel currency expert FairFX has revealed.​

As part of FairFX’s long-running campaign investigating the school holiday price scandal, the travel currency firm compared over 350 package holidays from four holiday operators to four destinations flying from 7 UK airports in 2018 and 2016 to reveal where families are being ripped off.

The analysis showed the cost of holidays during term-time have gone up by 32% in some family holiday destinations, costing families more than £700 more in 2018 than in 2016 and rising at a faster rate than trips taken in the official school holidays.

On average, the cost of term-time holidays have increased by 21% over the last two years, compared with an 11% increase in the cost of holidays taken during the official summer break.

The new research shows that parents taking their children out of school to avoid official summer holiday dates and the associated price hikes continue to be at the mercy of travel operators.


Package price hike: How average holiday costs have risen since 2016



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In terms of individual destinations, Tenerife has seen the highest increase in prices over the last two years, with the average family trip increasing by32% during term time and 31% for holidays in the summer break since 2016.

Trips to the Costa del Sol during term time have gone up by 16% while trips during the school summer holidays have seen a 2% price increase over the last two years.

Looking into the cost of holidays in 2018, families travelling abroad this year face paying an average of 22% extra for a holiday taken within the summer break, compared to the same package holiday just two weeks earlier within term-time.

FairFX found that prices shot up by an average of 22% for trips departing the weekend of July 28th 2018, than trips leaving two weeks earlier on July 14th 2018. These price hikes mean families face paying nearly £650 extra on average for holidaying during the official summer break in some instances.