Top tips for saving money on holiday abroad

2 Aug, 2022

Over 55s are the most cost savvy holiday-makers, says a new Opinium survey, apart from when it inconveniences them.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults who have hired car, was carried out on behalf of, a leading provider of stand-alone car hire excess insurance, and reveals travellers’ top tips on saving money when holidaying abroad.

While over 55s are the most likely to shop around (41%) and book flights and holidays early (41%), they will not fly at unpopular times, with only a quarter (26%) of over 55s willing do this, compared to a third (34%) of 35 – 54yrs. Also, only 7% of over 55s choose the cheapest travel option, compared to almost one in five (17%) under 34s. The over 55s are the most cost-savvy age group for the majority of the top 10 tips.

The top ten list of holiday saving tips are below in order of popularity:

  1. Book flights and holidays early to get a good deal (40%)
  2. Shop around and book things in advance, such as holiday money and airport parking (36%)
  3. Book travel, accommodation and excursions directly (30%)
  4. Fly at unpopular times (28%)
  5. Use a bank account / card or app with no fees for spending abroad (27%)
  6. Take a packed lunch on flights (20%)
  7. Stay at an airport hotel to take advantage of parking offers (20%)
  8. Buy car hire excess insurance from a standalone provider, not the rental desk (14%)
  9. Sign up to air miles programmes (12%)
  10. Book the cheapest travel option regardless of mode of travel or duration (10%)

Another tip, which did not make the top ten, is flying to a remote airport (7%), which again over 55s (5%) are less inclined to do, and turning on private browsing when booking holidays and flights online (8%) to stop cookies tracking activity.

Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO of, said: “Holidays are significantly more expensive than they used to be, so it’s important to save money where you can. Many of these tips travellers are already doing but hopefully there are some new ideas to try, like turning on private browsing when booking holidays and flights. It’s rumoured that some companies save their best deals for new customers, so it’s a good idea to look like a new customer, by deleting your cookies or switching on private browsing, when you’re researching online.”

He continues, “When hiring a car, excess liability is now more than £2,000 in some countries so if you damage the vehicle, even if’s not your fault, you could be liable for this amount. Excess waiver cover sold at the rental desk costs on average around £190* this summer, so it’s great to see that at least one in eight car hirers are buying car hire excess insurance from a specialist insurance company, like, before they leave. The savings you can make if you buy excess insurance in advance and take a sat sav and child car seat with you, for instance, can be considerable.”