Travellers urged to avoid horror exchange rates at the airport and buy holiday money in advance

7 Oct, 2019

07 Oct 2019 With half term fast approaching, Caxton, the international payments and foreign exchange specialist, is urging customers to buy their currency early and avoid the Halloween horror exchange rates at the airport.

Exchange rates can prove confusing, but some people don’t appreciate exactly how much impact their last-minute currency purchase can have on their holiday spending kitty.

Holiday Cash £ Bureau rate Euros per £* Euros received Caxton rate Euros per £** Eurosreceived Difference
250 0.7933 €198.33 1.1018 €275.45 €77.12
500 0.7933 €396.65 1.1018 €550.90 €154.25
1000 0.7933 €793.30 1.1045 €1104.50 €311.20

Alana Parsons from international payments and foreign exchange firm Caxton comments; “Unfortunately not all travellers appreciate just how much poorer the exchange rates are at the airport compared with buying your travel money in advance.”

“If people knew that they would get 77 Euros less on a £250 currency purchase for example, then I’m sure they’d be annoyed and would definitely think twice about leaving it until the last minute in future.”

Alana adds “It’s no secret that buying or selling currency at the airport is a costly financial mistake, yet it’s still commonplace to see people queuing to use the airport bureau, so the message isn’t getting through.”