Try before you buy car insurance option for young drivers

17 Aug, 2016

The Co-op Insurance is offering young drivers up to 20% off their insurance premium price in their first year if they can prove they drive well, using its ‘Young Driver’ app.

Since it launched in 2011, the Co-op Insurance, which was the first major insurer to bring telematics to the mainstream market, has saved its Young Driver policyholders over £7.4m in their first year of driving, an average of £120 each.

With the new app, young drivers can check that the policy is the right one for them before committing to it.

Co-op’s Young Driver Insurance works by rewarding policyholders for safe driving. It prices discounts based on:

  • Speed – keeping within limits
  • Acceleration and Breaking – not accelerating/ breaking suddenly
  • Cornering – driving in a controlled manner around corners
  • Time of driving – certain times can be risker to drive at

App users are asked to drive 200 miles, over 10 journeys on separate days which generates a personalised driving score.

Based on the driver’s final overall score a personalised quote link is sent to them via email, or by clicking on ‘Get a Quote’ button on the app. Any discount will be automatically applied to the quote, which could be up to 20% lower than if the Young Driver app hadn’t been used. The drivers who display the safest driving will receive the discount.

However, if a young driver drives particularly badly, the Co-op could decide not to offer a discount.

Steve Kerrigan, head of telematics at the Co-op Insurance, said: “We recognise that insurance policies priced on ‘how’ somebody drives are not for everyone.

“This is why we have developed this app, to not only give drivers the chance to try before they buy but for them to gain a unique insight into their driving style.

“At the Co-op we are keen to help keep the roads safe and believe that telematics policies which honestly tell you how you are driving can play a role in this.

“Young drivers who drive well using the app can expect a discount on their quote of up to 20%, which can be a significant price saving, into the hundreds of pounds, for them.”

In addition the latest data from the Co-op Insurance has found that on average its Young Driver policyholders receive £120 back in their pockets in the first year of taking out their policy.

The app is available on Android via the Play Store and via the App Store for iphones by searching ‘Co-op Insurance Young Driver’.