Weflip praises Ofgem for new automatic compensation scheme for energy switching problems

30 Apr, 2019

30 Apr 2019 Anders Nilsson, spokesperson for weflip, said: “This decision by Ofgem which comes into force tomorrow, will not only provide financial compensation if something goes wrong, but will help to restore confidence in the switching process and the energy market as a whole, after a rocky few months of supplier failures and erroneous switches.

 “The energy price cap has left many households with little alternative but to take matters into their own hands to save money, and while most switches go smoothly, it’s good to see that customers have been provided extra protection, and suppliers have an incentive to ensure more switches happen without a hitch. .

 “Ofgem’s  longer-term plan to introduce further compensation for delayed switches and late final bills, along with the tightening of the rules on new suppliers entering the market, is all reassuring.

“But it goes without saying that the long-term solution to energy price rise frustration is to subscribe to an auto-switching service like weflip that can track prices and switch you automatically to a better deal, whenever it is possible to save money.”

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