Airport parking: Flyers can save up to £70 using this simple trick

5 Feb, 2024

An extensive new study has revealed how driving a bit further and flying from an alternative airport nearby could help some flyers save cash on their parking. The biggest potential saving can be found in the capital, where nearly £70 can be cut by travelling from Heathrow rather than London City Airport.

The research, conducted by MyVoucherCodes, took the difference in average car park prices between closeby airports. Then, it subtracted the fuel costs of driving between them to find whether it would be worth making the extra journey to save on parking.

Parking at Heathrow costs an average of £85 less than at London City Airport, and the drive between the airports costs just £7.74 each way in fuel. Therefore, travellers would save £69.93 on parking by making the short trip to Heathrow and flying from there instead.

In fact, Londoners would be better off, in theory, driving to the other side of the country. Parking at Liverpool (the cheapest airport for parking) costs an average of £132 less than parking at London City Airport (the most expensive airport for parking). As driving the 450-mile round trip would cost just £57 in fuel, making the drive to fly from Liverpool instead would save travellers £75.

The research found that those in the midlands can also spend less using this tactic, as the short journey to East Midlands Airport from Birmingham gives a saving of £64. Similarly, travelling the extra distance from Manchester Airport to Liverpool will save holidaymakers £37.

Other ways to save on airport parking, according to the study, include booking far in advance and checking for voucher codes. It noted that while some car parks simply charge a flat fee across the year, many offered lower rates for bookings made further in advance – meaning that booking as early as possible gives a better chance of a lower price.[2]

The time of year travellers fly can also impact rates, as many car parks charge their highest fees during the peak summer months. Over a 13-month period, December 2024 was the cheapest month for airport parking, costing an average of £118.52 for two weeks.

In addition, it advised that park & ride car parks cost an average of £40 less than meet & greet, making them a cheaper option for those looking to cut costs.

Sarah-Jane Outten, savings expert at MyVoucherCodes, said: “It was really interesting to see how various factors can impact airport parking prices. Based on our figures, it’s clear that booking early, opting for park & ride, and checking for voucher codes can all give you a better chance of a low price. However, many car parks are priced differently, so getting the best rate may depend on the exact car park and airport you choose.

“It was also very eye-opening to see how prices for parking spaces can vary in different parts of the country. Many travellers can make a saving by driving a bit further and flying from a different airport that’s only a short distance away. Meanwhile, Londoners would technically be better off making the long trip up north rather than paying the sky-high prices of the capital.

“If you have a choice of airports for your selected destination, it can be worth checking how parking prices may vary between each. If the difference is bigger than the cost of driving there, then you might be better off making the extra trip.”

More tips on how to save on airport parking can be found on MyVoucherCodes’ website.