Caxton launches ‘Travel Tracker’ for Brits interested in holidaying abroad later this year

26 Jun, 2020

Following the latest easing of the lock down by the government, Caxton has started to see an uptick in new card applications and customer queries re foreign travel options, as more people start thinking about the possibility of a summer holiday abroad later this year.

On the back of increased customer questions regarding the best potential travel destinations, Caxton FX has responded by building a brand-new Travel Tracker, a handy online resource which provides consumers with the very latest key data on travel destinations across the globe.

The Travel Tracker gives would-be travellers essential information on 25+ countries, including the latest social distancing rules, expected quarantine period for arrivals and the current stance on foreign tourism.

This tool will help customers to decide if and where to travel to and is an innovative small step to help the travel industry start to get back on its feet after months of near shutdown.

Alana Parsons, Chief Operating Officer at Caxton FX comments: “We’ve been improving the availability of key travel information as we look for new ways to support our customers during this difficult period for the travel sector, and the wider economy.

Our new Travel Tracker is a handy one stop resource for our customers, giving them the very latest travel data, country by country, to enable them to shape their holiday plans for the months ahead.”