Personal Finance News

11 Mar

Are used car buyers skipping essential checks?

A recent study has revealed that many used car buyers skip vital checks before making a purchase. In fact, one in ten Brits admitted that they make no checks at all when buying a used car, leaving them unaware of any potential vehicle issues. The survey, conducted by online car-changing marketplace Carwow, uncovered just how common […]

4 Mar

Younger residents at higher risk of underinsurance – here’s how to avoid it

According to a new study, younger residents might be at a much higher risk of being underinsured for their home contents. Over two-thirds (68%) of under-25s said that they were unfamiliar with the potential pitfalls that could leave their contents underinsured. Only 17% of over-54s said the same, suggesting that younger generations are far more […]

28 Feb

Parents face drastic choice amid holiday price increases

Holiday packages during school breaks can cost an extra £804 on average for a family of four, according to a new study. The research finds that this rises even more during the summer holidays when travel costs increase by an average of 23% – equivalent to an additional £276pp (per person). By comparing holiday package […]

28 Feb

Customers urged to switch savings providers and earn hundreds of pounds per year

Yesterday, the Financial Conduct Authority launched a new campaign, urging customers to compare deals to ensure the best savings rates on their deposits. And to save people time and money, TotallyMoney has crunched the numbers and highlights some of the best and worst places to put their money: For the mean average* savings, a poor-value, […]

27 Feb

The real cost of low-rate mortgage offers

As inflation has slowed and expectations of the Bank of England’s base rate have risen, mortgage lenders have slashed APRs in a bid to grab the headlines and attention of would-be borrowers. This week, borrowers can lock in rates as low as 4.63% for a 75% LTV two-year fixed rate deal. However, often these eye-catching […]

22 Feb

Uninsured contents: Billions’ worth of possessions at risk of being lost

A new study has revealed that a staggering £276 billion worth of possessions are uninsured in the UK. The research estimated that the total value of the UK’s contents is a jaw-dropping £827 billion, but said around 9.3 million households do not have any contents insurance. As a result, it’s likely that only a few […]

21 Feb

£25 Cashback Boost For New Amex Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Cardmembers

American Express has launched its first-ever limited time offer on the Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card, offering new Cardmembers 5% cashback up to an increased £125, over an extended five month welcome period. This is £25 more than the usual £100 limit on the 5% introductory cashback rate, and runs over an extended five month […]

19 Feb

Which mileage milestones drop a car’s value?

A new study by Carwow has found just how severely mileage impacts the value of used cars. The study reveals car valuations can drop by a staggering 27% once they tip over the 60,000-mile mark. As a result, owners looking to sell are now being advised to do so before their vehicle hits this 60k […]

14 Feb

Sterling Gains On Nine Out Of Ten Top Currency Destinations, Reveals M&S Travel Money

M&S Travel Money insight reveals the value of the pound has increased against nine of the top ten currency destinations over the last 12 months, meaning families heading away for some winter sun may see their travel money go that little bit further, compared to the same time last year. While sterling has gained ten […]