Young drivers 18% more likely to have an accident in winter than in the summer

2 Dec, 2020

Telematics car insurance pioneer, and road safety advocate, insurethebox has released data showing that young drivers in the UK are 18% more likely to have an accident in the winter, when compared to the summer months.

The analysis, seemingly prompted by an ongoing trend of accidents rising across the UK in the months following the clocks going back, identifies that drivers in the Midlands are most affected by this seasonal change, with a 25% increase in accident frequency. The area least affected is the capital – London, which sees an 11% rise in accident frequency.


Gary Stewart, Service Manager at insurethebox said: “The role of adverse weather conditions and reduced visibility for larger proportions of the day are key contributors in the increased likelihood of having an accident in the winter. There is a higher risk in the more rural areas of the UK, likely as a result of more portholes and lack of on-street lighting.”

“Although these elements are unavoidable, there are certain things drivers can do to help prevent accidents; we urge everyone to firstly make their car winter-ready and plan journeys ahead in wintry conditions. Inexperienced drivers entering these conditions for the first time should keep in mind longer stopping distances on wet or icy roads and keep their speed down.”

The importance of daylight was also highlighted in previous analysis by the insurance provider, revealing that the period directly following the clocks change (October and November) brings an increase in accident frequency of 31%, between 5pm – 8pm.

insurethebox collects data using telematics, by fitting a black box to a customer’s car, in order to analyse driving behaviour and risk factors. Based on this individual data, insurethebox rewards safe drivers and calculates a personalised renewal for each customer – as well as educates young drivers about common risks.

With an 18% increased likelihood of having an accident in winter, compared to summer months, insurethebox firmly aim their attention at ensuring young drivers are able to navigate the roads in a safe manner.